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How’s it goin? Phill here. Glad to see you’re stalking me >_> Well there’s cookies and cake in the fridge. But 9 of the 10 are poison and the other one is the antidote. Antidote to what you ask? You’ll have to find out yourself >:D Also, don’t touch the wall on the west of the area. It’s got emotional issues. Peace~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
Finally got a first quote :D
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
DrakeVonDragon: Why would you need a crisp bag resealer?
tim10661983: to re-seal crisp bags?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
VoidDragon777: Killation asked what My Immortal was when someone brought up the fanfic labled as worst serious fanfic in the world.
VoidDragon777: One thing led to another and crinkle forbid us from talking about it.
tim10661983: what?!
VoidDragon777: Not so seriously but she was very adament about not talking about it.
VoidDragon777: Which we all found SOOOOO friggen funny.
sotlat: let me guess, you went on and on about it incessantly?
VoidDragon777: I did no such thing.
tim10661983: we are no longer allowed to talk about it under crinkles presence – we must act in retaliation – destroy the coffee machine!
sotlat: then i missed it
VoidDragon777: xD
VoidDragon777: Lmfao Tim.
tim10661983: and replace her coffee cups with mr saturns
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
Aerilia: i love psychedelic art but some shit it fart too bright
Aerilia: *far too
Aerilia: nice typo lol
VoidDragon777: Dem ferts.
Aerilia: i’m on fire with my typos doe
Aerilia: i can’t stand things that are too bright, gives me a headache
VoidDragon777: Iz oki. Ah stel luv yu s build a turtle fence!
VoidDragon777: Out of Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace rocks?
faust1990: he is a tortoisaur.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
95Romaalleb96: Void, what do you Australian
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
(Concerning the game Deeper Sleep) V
keno1010: I beat the game >:) I creamed three times though xD
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
RuncibleSpoon: I don’t think anything short of it not existing could improve My Immortal
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
DrakeVonDragon: What if you put an immortal quokka of mine into a taco?
tim10661983: an LJN game
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
Wingspand: and im not sure how the dialogue should start in the beginning.
Wingspand: and i need help with character development.
planken: ‘’once upon a time. three twats were walking down , ruining peoples pots and shagging their sheep’’
^ Oh planken. You silly little girly thing.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
tim10661983: heres what you do drake
DrakeVonDragon: Illegal copies are unable to do Skyblivion.
tim10661983: go and talk to your nearest fence
tim10661983: give them the games
VoidDragon777: Lmfao
tim10661983: take them back from the fence
tim10661983: and they will be legal
God I love Tim’s mind.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
KayNer: i could have compared you to the mermaids craps but the candle seemed more appropriate
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
Also, what is pocky?
VoidDragon777: O_o
Crinkle: DRAKE
blaberflap: hand over hte mod badge or the pocky gets it
VoidDragon777: xD
VoidDragon777: As the one who has the Pocky, For every second I don’t have a mod badge, I will eat ten boxes of pocky.
Crinkle: omg accidental caps, sorry
VoidDragon777: And I will do it in a video file and send it to Crinkle.
Crinkle: that…
Crinkle: would be worth it actually
Crinkle: okay, go
VoidDragon777: … I only have twelve boxes ;-;
blaberflap: dont worry about it crinkle your caps fit the mood perfectly
Crinkle: what flavors?
Crinkle: omg pocky
VoidDragon777: Chocolate.
VoidDragon777: And Strawberry.
Crinkle: i want some POCKY now, thanks Void, you ass. :B
VoidDragon777: Yep~
Crinkle: please to be sharing the strawberry pocky!
VoidDragon777: Am I allowed to quote this conversation?
Crinkle: um
Crinkle: yes?
VoidDragon777: Yay ^^

It seems Crinkle REALLY likes Pocky O_o.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D

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