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Play Zombie Misfits Zombie Misfits Mar. 21, 2012
I wonder if most of the plays are from people trying to refresh?
Play 99 Bricks 99 Bricks Feb. 26, 2012
I didnt read the rules. after about 5 complete lines i realized this wasn't tetris...i think i just trolled myself.
Play Backyard Monsters (removed) Backyard Monsters (removed) Jan. 18, 2012
I wish resources could be converted into shiny. 100k of each resource for 1 shiny wouldn't be nearly as bad as how much it costs now.
Play Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Dec. 24, 2011
What? I get 3 stars even though I lost 1 single life? :) 5/5 Thanks for not being a jerk like other TD designers
Play Portal Pirate Portal Pirate Dec. 12, 2011
Some of the jumps are really difficult for being in the first 2-3 levels. Aside from the controls, great game. 4/5
Play Earn to Die Earn to Die Dec. 08, 2011
993 ft. -.-
Play Earn to Die Earn to Die Nov. 25, 2011
Wait...I was using WASD instead of the arrow keys for 18 days. No wonder it was so difficult. Possibly change that?
Play Hobbit Launch Hobbit Launch May. 19, 2011
@ElementAtreyu it looks like both are up, sorry for any frustration you may have had
Play Ultra Platformer Ultra Platformer May. 10, 2011
so if is an absolute genius, master porgrammer, and an overall master of the Flash Software then that must make idromas the king of sarcasm. give the developer a break he is probably new to flash and this looks like a test or work in progress. he has probably spent hours on it, so dont discredit it so fast
Play Vital Bloodshed Vital Bloodshed May. 07, 2011
@Nitewolf, i have run into this program earlier in my programming experience and I have found that is is usually attributed to "for" loops that loop over 500-600 times before ending. i assume this is because (number of bullets * number of enemies) far exceeds that number. just a guess though, i would optimize by using a merge sort instead maybe, i think this is a bubble sort(nested "for" loops)
Play Whiteout (gameplay test) Whiteout (gameplay test) May. 06, 2011
burrito, it is just a test, it probably isnt even close to the final result
Play Hobbit Launch Hobbit Launch May. 05, 2011
and...uh, congrats to Skorpionss, i did not know a height of over 1.6Mil was possible
Play Hobbit Launch Hobbit Launch May. 05, 2011
i know why people had 170k and couldn't buy the level 3 cannon, it actually had cost 270k and they just couldn't read the font. sorry. As for the autosave feature, i have tried before and i do not exactly know how to do it, if anyone can post a link to a good as2.0 tutorial, i will try and implement it.
Play Super mario bros flash Super mario bros flash May. 04, 2011
i am surprised how closely this game play matches the real game regarding the controls. 5/5 good job.
Play Hobbit Launch Hobbit Launch May. 04, 2011
maybe i should point a few things out.... 1. To get an "A" rank you need to get 10Mil feet distance, it will automatically go to the ending. 2. I was too lazy to make sure some objects stay on the ground(it looked too choppy) 3. I will add sounds for the obstacles, i had my friend make them but I guess i forgot to add them 4. the comment about reading the instructions was posted by my mother... sorry 5. I will add a beastiary, i had never thought of that. 6. I also like easterwave's comments about midflight upgrades to fuel. i might add it. Thank you for playing.
Play Hobbit Launch Hobbit Launch May. 04, 2011
Players - if you take the time and really read the instructions before you start, it's a lot easier. I like it and plan on playing it a lot more. Great job on the sound and graphics. (5/5)
Play Hobbit Launch Hobbit Launch May. 04, 2011
Please feel free to comment, but please be constructive. I know you may think this game is awful, but please elaborate on the reason you think it is. Here is an example of what to do: "I don't like Hobbit Launch because of XYZ" Here is an example of what not to do: "This game sucks."
Play Defend your Honor! Defend your Honor! May. 03, 2011
I love how no one finds it odd that there is a talking walrus, the level of reality in games has veered farther into the extreme. great game 5/5. i would have liked a speed up button though.
Play Owl's Nest Owl's Nest Mar. 26, 2011
those zombies were about as ugly as your mama
Play Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! Mar. 19, 2011
i got to the fortieth wave...then the ninja champion...i would have had brilliant