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Rise of Mythos

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Nov. 08, 2013

Rating: 24

I've played card games before. I am capable of figuring things out by myself. Add a "skip tutorial" button. Or even better, add a "do you want to play the tutorial (recommmended) button" in the beginning. Especially considering how drawn-out and linear the tutorial is.

HD Spectrum

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Jun. 11, 2012

Rating: 6

@Mdohn To kind of challenges you have to win are the challenges where the REWARD card is human (or a human hybrid, like the darkwing is both human and Caanian). And of course make sure you did them on the right difficulty (1 for 4 easy wins and such)

Dueling Blades

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May. 16, 2012

Rating: 1

I'd like to say that the tutorial navigation arrow can become horribly misplaced if you zoom in with your browser. For instance: My zoom level is 125% (Google Chrome btw) when I'm here on Kongregate, and when I did the "buy your stick..err first weapon" part, the arrow (at the blacksmiths place), pointed towards a warrior sword (and not towards the mighty stick that I supposedly needed.) took me a few seconds to realize what was going on. This might not be very important, but well, the tutorial arrow is supposed to be trusted, and I thought I'd mention it.

Developer response from HourBlastGames

Yes, unfortunately we don't support zoom settings other than 100% Its a know issue that's in our backlog. Thanks!

Clash of the Dragons

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May. 04, 2012

Rating: 6

Really? Well, it's still a huge pain though.

Clash of the Dragons

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May. 04, 2012

Rating: -5

I just hate the "Soulstealer" card. "When this card is depleted, deal one damage for each npc in all graveyards to opponent" seeing as he has a sodding demon NPC, he usually has like 15 depleted Demon NPC allies. and BOOM! He deals 15 dmg to me, when I attacked HIM. I hate them so much right now. It's only works with AI opponents though, seeing as you have to use a load of skill points to get enough NPC yourself for it to work. My point is, even though cards games are based on luck. I shouldn't have to actively hope i DON'T accidently deplete his "insta-win Soulstealer" that says "if this card dies i win". "The Wizard In The Tower" (I prefer to just call it "Chapter 2") is an absolute pain to finish because of this. ...I'll calm down now.

Clash of the Dragons

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Apr. 30, 2012

Rating: 19

I've been playing this for 2 weeks now, and I just figured out that you have to activate equipment in order to get the stat boost. *Genius!*

Monsters' Den: Book of Dread

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Feb. 18, 2012

Rating: 9

I love how every ability gets improved by intelligence...My intelligent rogue now deal 40 poison with her starting skill+8% of her weapon dmg. I have to say, this a game where i can make a functional build where my mage is effectively a "spellblade". Love it.

HD Spectrum

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Feb. 02, 2012

Rating: 7

I've been playing for a while now (about...2-3 months) I'd really like the see some of the prices on the cards lowered... I had a fun idea to build a "nought" deck (dreadnought, hydranought, terrornaught and ultranought). So I bought the energy cards I needed, went through an large amount of challenges to get the "noughts" I needed..and now my money is dry. I'd barely ever used it, I had almost 1k. The dual energy cards alone sucked it all dry. I mean c'mon, 100 gold for ONE dual energy building? And this goes for both types (the ones that "convert" energy and the ones that make one of each, each round). Also, if you don't know it. The race of the challenge is determined by the card card reward (Human/Technomancer card = the challenge counts toward both human and technomancer achievement) As much i hate to say this, thumb it so people can see it.

Book of Mages: The Dark Times

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Nov. 07, 2011

Rating: 2

I'd really REALLY like a retrain clan and/ or high magic powers...Really. But very nice game though. Also, because i'm a nitpicker that has obsessive compulsive against deleting saves, more save slots would be nice.

Rebuild 2

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Oct. 14, 2011

Rating: 4

Could it be possible to customize the characters, or at the very least your own character? It's just a bit silly to keep pressing the picture of the guy that's supposed to be me until it ends up with something that doesn't look retarded.

Lethal War Zone

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Jun. 07, 2010

Rating: 3

REALLY needs something like a fullscreen function or something along those lines. -V

Thing-Thing Arena 2

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May. 11, 2010

Rating: 2

for mute button: 1: press the "P" button while playing. 2: press stop music NOTE: this only turns of the MUSIC

Sky Invasion

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Apr. 27, 2010

Rating: 75

This... was ridiculously easy. although long-winded and repetitive. the tactics were way too easy. hmm lets see. build ship with hotkey 4, have 3-5 of em, perhaps upgrade while it's cheap... then just spend 4k on em and you'll win. seriously i ONLY used those ships once i got 'em, the Valor SUCKS, the aircraft carrier, well. it's just not good enough for 3k. and towers... woohoo, spend all your cash on an immobile thing with basically no dmg, hugh hp, and the enemy will ignore it... well mostly.


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Mar. 01, 2010

Rating: 0

you can get to it from the "please forgive me" level. on a side note. don't think this game is worth 150 kreds at all. i don't know how much that is, but still. i wouldn't pay for this game. no matter how much...or how little


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Mar. 01, 2010

Rating: 0

reffering to chrisirhc1996 the anamoly stage is easy to get to... got there on my first run... once i remember the name of the level... i'll tell the rest of you how to get there. it's just a silly trinket there. and a horde of colors


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Oct. 16, 2008

Rating: 0

there should be a pause whenever it is changing view seeing as you can't see shit in view shifts. V


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Oct. 15, 2008

Rating: -1

you should change so that on the combo list it says "black hole combo" "mine" instead of laser1 rocket 2 etc

MARDEK RPG: Chapter 2

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Aug. 04, 2008

Rating: 0

there should be cheats to this game. i keep dying at the bosses:(:(

The Epilepsy Game

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Jun. 26, 2008

Rating: 0

come on this must be the easiest game ever. but although MY EYES ARE BURNING!!!!!!! it went boring after 100