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Play Electricman2HS Electricman2HS Mar. 01, 2015
The standing normal kick hits the enemy right in the uh... critical spot
Play Zilch Zilch Feb. 28, 2015
Does "reckless" mean lucky, or is it just me?
Play Strike Force Heroes Strike Force Heroes Feb. 21, 2015
I feel it is a waste of time and space to fill the comments with "This is a good game" type of posts. But hey, it's true
Play 4th and Goal 2015 4th and Goal 2015 Feb. 11, 2015
Ok once you get used to this game (its kinda dumb), its super fun to mess around in! 4/5
Play 4th and Goal 2015 4th and Goal 2015 Feb. 10, 2015
Worst cornerbacks in the history of the universe
Play Combat Tournament Legends Combat Tournament Legends Feb. 10, 2015
Wow I've never had a flash game crash my browser before
Play Multitask 2 Multitask 2 Feb. 09, 2015
The wrote this comment while playing
Play Strikeforce Kitty 2 Strikeforce Kitty 2 Feb. 07, 2015
Can the developers even see the multitudes of bad comments? Do they even test the game before publishing? How can they publish a sequel with the same terrible mechanics as the first???
Play Aviator Aviator Feb. 03, 2015
Who travels in groups of 26???
Play The Enchanted Cave 2 The Enchanted Cave 2 Feb. 01, 2015
I would totally pay to buy this game
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jan. 27, 2015
Seriously, why haven't the game makers fixed this game yet? JUST LOOK AT THE # OF BAD COMMENTS! They're even easy fixes!
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jan. 26, 2015
Oh I keep finding NEW glitches!!! Oh wait, that's a bad thing...
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jan. 24, 2015
This could be one of the best games on Kong, if it had been published when it was actually publishable
Play BasketBalls BasketBalls Jan. 18, 2015
What kind of a court is this???
Play 10 10 Jan. 17, 2015
I like making music with the different numbers
Play ClueSweeper ClueSweeper Jan. 17, 2015
The thief is a greedy person! The pastor is a religious fanatic! The reporter is a stalker! The doctor is very intelligent!
Play Nuclear Outrun Nuclear Outrun Jan. 15, 2015
This game actually doesn't make sense... the missile should blow up in the same time period no matter how fast or how far you drive... Of course, guns also can't shoot squids.
Play Gluey 2 Gluey 2 Jan. 15, 2015
Actually, clicking rapidly can work for certain levels, if you use a anti-grav at the end of your clicking spree.
Play I Love Traffic I Love Traffic Jan. 14, 2015
Also, why are the police cars stopping at the lights when it's obvious they need to be somewhere?
Play I Love Traffic I Love Traffic Jan. 14, 2015
Why are there no yellow lights?