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Play Rogue Soul 2 Rogue Soul 2 Oct. 24, 2014
I'm pretty sure the survival levels are hardcore because of the fence. The levels could be exactly the same, no changes at all, but they would be easy if it weren't for the HARDCORE fence. It's all in the fence guys!
Play Aviator Aviator Oct. 21, 2014
Minor error: In US, one mission says you need to transport 11 boxes, but only 9 get loaded onto the plane.
Play Aviator Aviator Oct. 18, 2014
It's very annoying how so many people complain about the little details that make this game "unplayable". This game is way better than the comments make it look.
Play Aviator Aviator Oct. 18, 2014
I love this game as it is, but I think it would be awesome to have some intercontinental connections somehow.
Play Rogue Soul 2 Rogue Soul 2 Oct. 18, 2014
Hate to criticize, but isn't 50000 for survival a bit much?
Play Aviator Aviator Oct. 18, 2014
Coffee to Athens? There's a bunch of coffee in Cairo, right across the Mediterranean! But no! The intercontinental laws prohibit it! Hehehe
Play Rogue Soul 2 Rogue Soul 2 Oct. 16, 2014
Well I beat the Ultimate Fight, even though I dodged like 5 hits. Well, I'm good with that!
Play Earn to Die Earn to Die Oct. 13, 2014
Who's funding me, anyway?
Play Renegade Racing Renegade Racing Oct. 12, 2014
This game is too unrealistic. I don't see coins floating in mid-air in real life! Just kidding, this game is amazing.
Play Red Remover BLAST Red Remover BLAST Sep. 29, 2014
The happy sound when winning a level scares me
Play Neon Race 2 Neon Race 2 Sep. 29, 2014
Why are all the streets one way?
Play The Soul Driver The Soul Driver Sep. 29, 2014
If the gangsters know that you're taking the dropped soulons, then why don't they just close the car door and stop dropping them?
Play The Soul Driver The Soul Driver Sep. 29, 2014
Why don't the cops arrest the guys who are standing in the street shooting everywhere???
Play Rogue Soul 2 Rogue Soul 2 Sep. 28, 2014
Can the developers have a little indicator of where you are when you're above the top of the screen? Just a little arrow pointing up would be quite useful.
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Play Freeway Fury 3 Freeway Fury 3 Sep. 19, 2014
There aren't as many features as FF2, but the new storyline is quite epic
Play Sports Heads Cards: Squad Swap! Sports Heads Cards: Squad Swap! Sep. 18, 2014
Play Sports Heads: Football Championship Sports Heads: Football Championship Sep. 17, 2014
I scored 3 times, then sat on top of my own goal, trapping the ball behind me.
Play Curl Up and Fly! Curl Up and Fly! Sep. 08, 2014
How is the armadillo carrying that rocket anyway?
Play Sniper Assassin Story Sniper Assassin Story Aug. 28, 2014
The chopper mission is nearly impossible to beat
Play Snowball Battle Snowball Battle Aug. 23, 2014
These kids know their language...