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Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Aug. 28, 2014
Err, nm.
Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Aug. 28, 2014
Is it me or are the buffs not lasting 30 seconds?
Play Epic War Legends Epic War Legends Aug. 06, 2014
Energy. Automatic 2/5. ><
Play Brave Tales Brave Tales Aug. 04, 2014
The single most important thing you can do is remove the energy system. I swear, so many of these MMO's would be 100x better with no bloody energy system holding them back.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Aug. 04, 2014
I know one thing for sure: I don't want to know how Recycled Pizza recycled.
Play DPS Idle DPS Idle Aug. 03, 2014
As of 8-3, it is still erasing the save when you close your browser. Lost a level 11.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jul. 20, 2014
This is kinda small, but could you maybe increase the width of the upgrade slider bar so it is a bit more touch screen-friendly?
Play Idle Web Tycoon Idle Web Tycoon Jul. 20, 2014
The part where you enter the site name does not recognize a virtual keyboard.
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jul. 01, 2014
Just beat it. Fix the bloody aggravating memory leaks and you have a 5/5 game here. For now, 3/5. The memory leaks are that bad.
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jun. 30, 2014
Yeah, it steadily just gets worse and worse and worse with regards to the lag. It eventually even stops recognizing button inputs randomly. Refreshing it every now and then works, but it is not 5 minutes before it starts to lag again.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jun. 24, 2014
Please do not reset our progress. Personally, I do not care one bit about the leader-boards. Don't punish the people doing the game right because of a few bad apples. If you do reset it, I will likely quit playing. I will look at my 0 angel investors (down from 346M) and will have absolutely no motivation to get it back up again. Please do not reset our progress.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jun. 24, 2014
Please don't reset
Play Dragon Princess Dragon Princess May. 20, 2014
Ran into a bug. I had an enemy hurting me while the pause menu was up. I dunno if that is intended or not.
Play Tyrant Unleashed Tyrant Unleashed May. 20, 2014
My first thought as a beta tester: Remove the energy system. Please. It is the sole reason why I only got to level 10 in the first Tyrant for the contest a few years ago and did not touch it since. Your game will be 100x better off without energy.
Play IdleHero IdleHero Apr. 23, 2014
I like it now. I'd give it a 5/5 if I hadn't given one already =p. Just broke level 10k...now THAT you can't do in WoW lol.
Play IdleHero IdleHero Apr. 23, 2014
Just level 9,020. My level is OVER 9000?!?! Sorry, had to.
Play IdleHero IdleHero Apr. 22, 2014
5/5 because it is obvious that the dev truly cares about us players and is willing to take feedback seriously.
Developer response from niastras

Thanks, this means a lot to us, we are currently spending all our free time on this game.

Play IdleHero IdleHero Apr. 21, 2014
I gotta be perfectly honest: I liked it more before the dungeons. I've found the dungeons just seem to get in the way rather than enhance the game-play right now. Maybe the extra stuff will help with this, but, as is, I would rather play without the dungeons. Suggestion: When you do implement the extra stuff, have an idle mode that is similar to the game pre-dungeons, and an active mode for dungeon-crawling.
Developer response from lility

We are implementing something like it right now. =) stay tuned

Play Notebook Space Wars 2 Notebook Space Wars 2 Apr. 12, 2014
The XP from survival mode did not make it to my ship ><. The thing said I earned 99,999 xp (2694 enemies) and it said my ship leveled up, but no slots were unlocked and my xp bar had not moved when I got back to the Hangar. Also, at one point during survival all the strong enemies went away and I spent 5 minutes 1-shotting everything until it got hard again. Dunno if that was intended.
Play Loot Heroes Loot Heroes Mar. 22, 2014
Completed the frozen set...best set ever.