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Play Notebook Space Wars 2 Notebook Space Wars 2 Apr. 12, 2014
The XP from survival mode did not make it to my ship ><. The thing said I earned 99,999 xp (2694 enemies) and it said my ship leveled up, but no slots were unlocked and my xp bar had not moved when I got back to the Hangar. Also, at one point during survival all the strong enemies went away and I spent 5 minutes 1-shotting everything until it got hard again. Dunno if that was intended.
Play Loot Heroes Loot Heroes Mar. 22, 2014
Completed the frozen set...best set ever.
Play Idle Fantasy Idle Fantasy Mar. 12, 2014
Nm! My Forge Tools upgrade got past my leather income by a large margin.
Play Idle Fantasy Idle Fantasy Mar. 12, 2014
Err, oops. I got to the 1.44 x 10 ^ 22 bow and then it stopped letting me buy more bows.
Play Idle Fantasy Idle Fantasy Mar. 12, 2014
I got to Epic Bow +3 and then it stopped letting me buy better bows.
Play Bonfire Bonfire Mar. 10, 2014
Was up to 10-million C02 per second and my progress reset on me =(
Play Wizard's Run Wizard's Run Feb. 07, 2014
Agreed. 4/5 for me, but the presence of the level cap made me quit.
Play Ashtaria Ashtaria Oct. 07, 2013
Get rid of the energy system, please. In my opinion, your game will be better off without it.
Play Loot Hero Loot Hero Oct. 06, 2013
Twice now it has given me a game over right after collecting the loot from the first boss. I am no where near dead.
Play Endless Boss Fight Endless Boss Fight Sep. 07, 2013
I'm only seeing the bottom left fourth of the game on my game screen when I load it on my tablet. It worked fine on my desktop PC. It was a fun game on that, though.
Developer response from WhiteMilkGames

We can't guarantee that it will work on Tablets. But there will be a dedicate mobile version in the app store soon. :) What browser and tablet are you on?

Play Super Mario Crossover 3 Super Mario Crossover 3 Aug. 14, 2013
Only complaint I have is the cheat you get for beating the smb map set on hard is kind of a let-down. I expected something a bit more game-changing. 5/5 anyways.
Play Billy the Pilot Billy the Pilot Aug. 11, 2013
Finally a toss game that isn't ridiculously grindy. 5/5.
Play Bloons Super Monkey 2 Bloons Super Monkey 2 Aug. 03, 2013
I just beat it, and I definitely think the prices could be halved. It is just way too grindy. The game just gets old trying to even get to the end. Other than that, I wish the mouse could be locked to the game window. 3/5.
Play Bloons Super Monkey 2 Bloons Super Monkey 2 Aug. 03, 2013
Agreed. The game does get pretty grindy ><
Play Ripple Dot Zero Ripple Dot Zero Jul. 12, 2013
I agree with bigb1983. Having to redo the whole level in order to get another shot at the bonus level is pretty frustrating.
Play Darktopia Darktopia Jul. 07, 2013
The key-binds aren't bad. It's the controls themselves that are just not very responsive. Fix those and you have a 5/5.
Play Betty IX Betty IX May. 15, 2013
Just beat the Overlords fight...very very fun. Going into it, I was like "Oh, the overlord fight, this shouldn't be too...OH CRAP!" Anyways, I've now 100%'d this game. You solved all my issues with it with the patches this morning, so I can't do anything but give it a 5/5. It felt a little grindy getting to the Bad bosses, but I didn't particularly mind since I could toss my excess cash towards the $100k upgrades. Good job!
Play Betty IX Betty IX May. 15, 2013
It's randomly not giving me credit towards the hidden levels in Interesting mode when I kill a boss.
Play Betty IX Betty IX May. 14, 2013
I don't have too many complaints about the difficulty, personally. After I unlocked fast mode, I haven't gone back. The only trouble I'm having is on Zeth. If he rams you when you are near him, you are pretty much guaranteed to die.
Play Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Apr. 19, 2013
The energy system will cause your game to fail hard. For the sake of the game, PLEASE get rid of it. Please.