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Play Andromeda5 Andromeda5 May. 27, 2015
Alright at first, but gets very boring.
Play Helixteus Helixteus May. 26, 2015
Auto Research technology would be nice.
Play Ballistic Ballistic May. 26, 2015
Good graphics and music, nothing much else in this game is good. I agree with all top comments. 3/5
Play AirWar AirWar May. 26, 2015
Planes in space.
Play Mr. Jump 2 Mr. Jump 2 May. 26, 2015
He does not even jump.
Play Click the Button Click the Button May. 25, 2015
screw you
Play Combat Extreme Combat Extreme May. 25, 2015
Another stupid game.
Play Carbon Combat Carbon Combat May. 25, 2015
I don't know how to describe how bad this game is.
Play Air Wars Air Wars May. 24, 2015
Play Motor Wars 2 Motor Wars 2 May. 24, 2015
Extremely disappointing, boring and slow and too hard to hit targets with the boring weapons that don't even slightly home Boat mode is broke and nobody shoots it seems: http://gyazo.com/5f78a23dc0fabefd195ba3efa90ef0fc
Play Zombotron 2 Zombotron 2 May. 24, 2015
I wish there was a way to blow up the car or a suicide button. http://gyazo.com/da0505b173fe278c3836707e16aee30f XD
Play OFFWORLD OFFWORLD Apr. 25, 2015
R.I.P Offworld. May. 08, 2013 - May 6 2015
Play Evolution Squared Evolution Squared Apr. 22, 2015
If you want to eat stoned 4 sided shapes with faces then evolve so you can eat even more stoned but slightly different 4 sided shapes with faces as something that looks like an old camera with no lens this is the game for you.
Play Wingmen Wingmen Apr. 22, 2015
I am not going to play this just because you have to pick up flying money.
Play YouKongregate YouKongregate Apr. 18, 2015
I'm glad I can watch youtube videos on kongregate now.
Play Thunder Run: War of Clans Thunder Run: War of Clans Apr. 18, 2015
The game is alright, but if you ever make another game can you not shove premium spending buttons in our faces?
Play 8bitrocket Space Eggs 8bitrocket Space Eggs Apr. 18, 2015
Make something original. 1/5 bad music bad graphics bad gameplay
Play April Fools 2015 Learn to Fly 3 April Fools 2015 Learn to Fly 3 Apr. 16, 2015
This is still better than most games on this site.
Play Sieger Sieger Apr. 16, 2015
Damn hostages stopping me from destroying the whole castle.
Play Contract Wars Contract Wars Apr. 14, 2015
The extra attempt reward should give you 2 extra tries because otherwise it is quite useless.