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Auto Turret

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Apr. 28, 2016

Rating: 0

This game needs some graphical changes. The background is just awful.

Multiplicative Idle

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Apr. 28, 2016

Rating: 0

I wish I could buy an A in real life.


Play RobotPet

Apr. 26, 2016

Rating: 1

Yey a new item "Special Gatling gun of Butt"... ಠ_ಠ

Destination Kepler

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Apr. 22, 2016

Rating: -9

This music is awful and not fitting.


Play Circles

Feb. 15, 2016

Rating: 0


Tangerine Tycoon

Play Tangerine Tycoon

Sep. 05, 2015

Rating: 2

Put the cat in the machine every time unless you want an achievement.


Play MineQuest

Aug. 22, 2015

Rating: 1

You have to use all your points to ascend, it's hard to use them all.

Inferno Legend

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Aug. 17, 2015

Rating: 0

I couldn't even get past the character creator because of the voices 1/5

General War: Memories

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Aug. 16, 2015

Rating: 2

There should be something to automatically buy and equip the best things from the shop because it's so hard with all the lag.

Visual Test

Play Visual Test

Aug. 16, 2015

Rating: -1

Trick question, it's a firestorm.

White Clocks Can't Jump!

Play White Clocks Can't Jump!

Jul. 11, 2015

Rating: 1

If I jumped 351 meters, people would be amazed and I would also die but when this guy does it everyone just ignores it! life is so unfair.

Money Makers [BETA]

Play Money Makers [BETA]

Jun. 29, 2015

Rating: -1

DING *dies*

Hexcelle: Arena

Play Hexcelle: Arena

Jun. 27, 2015

Rating: -15

Don't try to play this game.

StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns

Play StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns

Jun. 25, 2015

Rating: -7


Cube Colossus

Play Cube Colossus

Jun. 25, 2015

Rating: 1

You should add a velocity calculator to the target mode.


Play Starcom

Jun. 25, 2015

Rating: -3

Quite a small game, I am disappointed it isn't a unity game, flash is slow simple and glitchy. No SFX volume bar and graphics are very simple. I got bored of it after about 10 minutes 2/5


Play Game.Init()

Jun. 22, 2015

Rating: 9

That guy is going to be disappointed when he realized people on kongregate were controling his robot with blood inside.

Polygon Apocalypse

Play Polygon Apocalypse

Jun. 22, 2015

Rating: 0

I wasn't even looking XD

Star Squadrons

Play Star Squadrons

Jun. 22, 2015

Rating: 1

You need to construct additional hazard signs.

The Imperium

Play The Imperium

Jun. 21, 2015

Rating: -11

Just a balance game.