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Play The King's League The King's League Sep. 24, 2011
AMAZING game, LOVE the concept - multiplayer seems like it would make a great feature and increase the replay-ability of it as well, xD seriously amazing - GREAT work, im looking forward to a sequel also.
Developer response from kurechii

Thanks for your motivational comment! Thanks :)

Play Little Cave Hero Little Cave Hero Aug. 15, 2011
To the Developer(s): This is NOT '8-bit style' at all. Personally, that fact is the ONE thing that I REALLY couldn't stand about this game. You are simply advertising this game with false facts and lies if you honestly thing that this is '8-bit'. See http://www.create-games.com/article.asp?id=2215 for details on what 8-bit games REALLY are. As a final statement, this upsets me because I am one of a LARGE group of 8-bit enthusiasts who actually take pride in the simplicity of 8-bit games and enjoy the replay-value/simple-concepts of them. This game has NO replay-value due to the 'pay for this or wait HOURS' concept, as well as has a story that would take so long to reach with the same repetitive gameplay that it's unbearable. For all of our sakes please change your description, AT LEAST; so that it is NOT claiming to be an 8-bit game/game style. Seriously... this must be a joke, or you're just a developer that doesn't truly understand the technical specs of what you're developing.
Play Antimatiere Antimatiere Feb. 01, 2011
love the concept and the artwork. there's a few glitches (i got stuck in a wall in the forest area) and it could use some better movement controls, like WASD. Other than that, this is a great game... i'm probably gonna be playing it all night, lol.
Play Monsters' Den: Book of Dread Monsters' Den: Book of Dread Sep. 16, 2009
The original Monster's Den was amazing a is what got me into Kongregate; this one just made that better and easily increases my love for the series. It's a more tactical, and interesting version of old-school dungeon-crawlers.
Play The Next Floor The Next Floor Sep. 15, 2009
I'm guessing that the 'Quality Button' is on the next floor? cuz it's not on any of the ones in the game, >.<
Play Kongai Kongai Jul. 31, 2008
new game type suggestion: 2v2/3v3?
Play You Have To Burn The Rope You Have To Burn The Rope Apr. 10, 2008
... words cannot describe how awesome this game is... it's just... wow... ima play it again, ^^
Play The Visitor The Visitor Mar. 20, 2008
played it when it was first released, and I just decided to come back for the badges... I gotta say, this game definitely deserves kudos, ^^ I love the art-style, and the overall idea behind the visitor himself. (the evolutions are awesome)
Play Temple Guardian Temple Guardian Mar. 17, 2008
really easy, and does need badges, xP