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Play Mike Shadow: I paid for it! Mike Shadow: I paid for it! Sep. 28, 2014
Um.. dude? You already got like, five soda cans to the face. Don't you think that's enough?
Play 5 Differences 5 Differences Sep. 27, 2014
The hitchhiker's reflection is backwards.
Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Sep. 13, 2014
@imawalrus46 @Magicwarrior @Delosford Oh okay, thanks.
Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Sep. 09, 2014
When I try to investigate certain people, namely Brannigans Law and El_Raton, it says that they do not exist. The same thing happened when I tried to blackmail Brannigans Law, although I was able to release the information to the media.
Developer response from delosford

As other players have explained: you're targeting dead people.

Play Idle Blacksmith Idle Blacksmith Sep. 09, 2014
I finally realize my dream of selling nothing but gold boots of strength.
Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Sep. 01, 2014
Maybe socialists should not be able to accuse liberals of being socialists? I dunno.
Developer response from delosford

The game won't stop you from doing stupid/ineffective things as a general rule.

Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Aug. 31, 2014
If I asked people to help me kill a man on the party post, would anyone hold it against me? I just wanna see what people here say before I do it.
Developer response from delosford

I think such things are pretty common these days.

Play Rage 3 Rage 3 Aug. 24, 2014
Wow. The ultimate weapon really sucks. Can I switch back to my sword?
Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Aug. 23, 2014
It's cool that you respond to pretty much every comment, but at the same time, I almost wish you would GET BACK TO WORK YOU FREELOADER. GOSH. Heh.
Developer response from delosford

I'm pretty sure the ones playing the game without paying anything are the freeloaders... since, you know, it's free to play.

Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Aug. 22, 2014
Why are we declaring war on Mexico?
Developer response from delosford

I dunno. I don't actually affect gameplay directly most the time.

Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Aug. 20, 2014
Hey, if you have five energy left and you use an ability that makes you pass out, does the ability still affect the bill?
Developer response from delosford

Indeed it does

Play Curl Up and Fly! Curl Up and Fly! Aug. 19, 2014
When I unlocked the Kongpanion three upgrades to the left and five upgrades down from the armadillo, I also unlocked the Kongpanion one upgrade left and seven upgrades down. Still, amazing game.
Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Aug. 16, 2014
I hired an escort. Then I realized it meant THAT kind of escort. Whoops.
Developer response from delosford

it's hard out there for a pimp

Play Pirates of the Stupid Seas! Pirates of the Stupid Seas! Jul. 14, 2014
Play LARRY and the GNOMES LARRY and the GNOMES Jun. 27, 2014
What is it with gnomes? They seem to be becoming more popular. Not by a lot, but slightly.
Play Pigs Will Fly Pigs Will Fly Jun. 12, 2014
Sequels: Pigs Have Flown, Pigs Which Have Previously Flown Will Fly Again, Will Pigs Fly?, Can Pigs Fly?, Pigs Who Cannot Fly Will Not Fly.
Play Paladog Paladog Jun. 10, 2014
Wait, so the mouse was once a notorious gangster? I thought there was no violence or conflict in this world until the devils came?
Play Nether Runner Nether Runner Jun. 06, 2014
I feel like the firenomicon should be called the pyronomicon. Just my opinion.
Play Frontier Frontier Apr. 27, 2014
jmtb02 = Pure Awesomeness
Play Legend of Kalevala Legend of Kalevala Apr. 20, 2014
Wait, so that's the good ending? Huh. well, I suppose it's BETTER, but both endings are kind of depressing. 5/5