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Jan 27, 2015 7:22am

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Dec 23, 2014 2:59am

I can’t enter the game. Pleas fix it.

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Nov 11, 2014 2:58pm

i can tell you put a lot of effort making this great game but there are some flaws that i hope you will fix regarding energy levels. thanks!

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Oct 31, 2014 2:42pm

Like it!

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Oct 25, 2014 1:45am


I’d like to report three bugs :
- “Passing 08” only has 9 tries instead of 10.
- It seems like any extra goal chances equipped before a match are given twice if the match has prolongations. For instance, I played a Cup final with the 4-long distance extra chances. The match was drawn at 2-2 at the end of regular time (90’…

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Oct 2, 2014 1:02am

Dear Dev,

If you have no interest/motivation in developing ‘I AM PLAYR’ further or due to a lack of revenue stream are unable to proceed, please take the game off Kongregate and not give players of this massively flawed game a glimmer of hope that you care anymore.


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Sep 6, 2014 8:29am

Please help me with a problem of the game ‘i am Playr’ (a body lying on the ground).

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Aug 23, 2014 5:47pm

Hello,can I tell you one fantasteeck idea….if you interested…. send msg back

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May 17, 2014 2:26pm

there might be abug it doesnt load

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soccer42 Aug 3, 2014 6:34pm

awsome game man love it so fun its cool how your manager can talk to you

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Rich_54321 Aug 22, 2014 12:02am

I cant play

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Mar 12, 2014 8:14pm

perfect game …mpravo !!!

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Jan 28, 2014 1:16pm

tip jar, that’s what im looking for.

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Jan 28, 2014 1:12pm

Great game. I use chrome and have not had the problems that most have had. The only thing is that after a match I have to reload (99thing). But i am not sure if that is due to my blocking banners.
btw, can we not donate kreds anymore. I have 15, not enough to buy anything so wanted to donate them to you.

avatar for Zacurie

Jan 21, 2014 6:11pm

C`mon! Publish I AM STAR already!

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Dec 18, 2013 10:08pm

scored 28m other team score 38-58-88 nice fake game

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evillcat Dec 22, 2013 3:52pm

nice round two FAKE game scored 8m the game fails i make the report when its was possible for me play the goal in 8m its a fail shoot now i lost the game 2-0

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Dec 10, 2013 3:56pm

so when are you going to make your next game an what is it

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er450 Dec 10, 2013 3:57pm

i ment and

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Dec 10, 2013 3:57pm

i ment and

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Dec 7, 2013 12:45pm

Good Game – how about a practice facility to just “practice”. not really worth anything, but you could get better skills in between the moments that actually cost you something…

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Sep 6, 2013 9:57am

meni pise error nece da ucita molim pomozite mi

avatar for Sagoras

Aug 25, 2013 2:15am

Funny Game Thanks for this :D

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craze111 Aug 28, 2013 1:17am

wer i don`t think the game is working because its taking lot of time to update.Could you possibly remove the game load the updating issues?

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Aug 9, 2013 3:52am

Hi WeRInteractive!

So, I’ve just finished my first season where I finished as numer 1 and scored 57 goals. Im trying to say I love the game!

Although, im wondering if one can buy shoes and keep them instead of having to get shoes on a trial basis all the time? I’ve already bought a fat house and the best watch in the market, oh and also…

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avatar for 14436

Jul 10, 2013 9:10pm

arent you a bit old to be playing games (43) omg lol

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Jun 25, 2013 11:38pm

Hello, in the game I AM PLAYR I was in the third game (away), and the game is not work for me (it shows me wait, reload, stop and report.) And I have been trying for few hours to enter .. Maybe you know why?

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Jun 14, 2013 9:40am

I AM PLAYR In Basketball Please!

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May 21, 2013 7:08am

‘’I AM PLAYR’’ is good game

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Apr 18, 2013 12:32pm

hey guys i have a cuestion can i transfer the progress i have here to the game of facebook because if i start it there i have to do it over again and if i can how

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WeRInteractive Apr 22, 2013 12:29am

Hi – unfortunately Kong and FB versions are separate accounts at the moment. Thanks, Sal A