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Play Clockwords: Prelude Clockwords: Prelude Mar. 10, 2013
@supernintendosp - "The game doesn’t accept proper nouns – Names" (From the description) Milotic - Not found in any common dictionary. is the -NAME- of a pokemon Postule - Not found in any common dictionary. is not the shortening of postulate, and if you mean a small elevation of the skin containing pus, that is pustule
Play Omega Box Omega Box Mar. 14, 2011
Mute button should be available at all times that obtrusive noise occurs. Should be included on Front Main Menu, and during gameplay. I shouldn't have to play one round with excessive noise before being allowed to search for a mute button.
Play Great Dungeon in the Sky Great Dungeon in the Sky Nov. 16, 2010
@matiss - is a feature implemented after hiperson134 posted suggestion
Play 1WS2 Beta 2.21 1WS2 Beta 2.21 Oct. 02, 2010
This game has the potential to be top provided bugs can be resolved - add in extra checks for finished construction of buildings and units to prevent the infinite hourglass glitch.
Play Music Match Music Match Sep. 28, 2010
and then the next was hotel california but wasn't on the list
Play Music Match Music Match Sep. 28, 2010
got the video and audio of smoke on the water, but answer was Meatloaf - i would do anything for love
Play Level Up! Level Up! Jun. 29, 2010
Creator knows the issue exits. issue is not browser specific, is Flash Version Specific. those able to run on different browsers have a (at least) slightly older version installed for that browser (there is an IE one, a Firefox one, and a "whatever else there is" one - each can potentially be a different version)
Play GrindQuest Beta GrindQuest Beta Jun. 18, 2010
Might not -quite- be copyright infringement, but you should still seek their permission to use it in the game to keep it here - uploaded games (including all components of games, such as audio) must be your original work or work you have permission to upload from the owner. Kongregate has absolutely no tolerance for uploading stolen content. Violators of this policy will automatically receive a one-week ban without warning on the first offense, and a permanent ban on the second.
Play Einstein's Riddle Einstein's Riddle Jan. 02, 2010
next job is to create a new puzzle in itself rather than copy one a great man already made. implementing an interface for a single riddle by someone else does not a game make.
Play THE Red Button THE Red Button Jan. 01, 2010
have a look into one of the methods of disabling, or limiting the usability of tab within flash. perhaps when tabdown is detected, throw up a 'you are a cheater' screen
Play Frontier Frontier Oct. 06, 2009
glitch:when travelling , can click go immediatly after a fight encounter (while the frame is moving) and skip the next one if it is close - occasionally doing so will cause you to stop at the next encounter but have no options at all (cannot continue from that point)
Play Sniper Assassin Sniper Assassin Jul. 27, 2009
need to look closer for another person that might be hiding a little then