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Play Tower of the Archmage Tower of the Archmage Jul. 10, 2014
Also, the power can eventually wrap and become negative.
Play Tower of the Archmage Tower of the Archmage Jul. 10, 2014
If you get a buff with an effect greater than 5 digits, the display starts to look a bit weird.
Play Starship Commander Starship Commander Mar. 18, 2013
I liked the research better the old way. Gave more of an incentive to own more planets.
Developer response from momoguru

i feared that as well, but after playhing a few matches, i noticed that it actually smooths out the gameplay and promotes a more offensive strategy on easy and medium modes

Play Renegade Racing Renegade Racing Feb. 23, 2013
@M3nd1g0 - The last 4 coins on level 18 are before the start line. You can get them with micro machine by going backwards full speed. Of course, some of the other coins are tougher to get with micro machine. Probably intentional.
Play Crystal Lands Crystal Lands Nov. 04, 2012
Definitely needs better instructions. Let me give it a shot. Each crystal can turn into two towers: one on the roof and one on the floor. Roof towers can be upgraded by clicking on them. You start with the green roof and purple floor towers. Green roof is a single shot damage tower. Green floor is a slow trap. Purple roof is a splash damage tower. Purple floor generates mana (and is absolutely necessary). Red roof is a DOT/debuff tower. Red floor is damage. Blue roof is a slow tower. Blue floor is damage. All towers require mana to fire. So you need to balance purple mana stones with towers. Upgrades seem to be way more cost effective than tower spam. Towers can only shoot below themselves to start. Each time you fill up the yellow bar, you get an upgrade point. The abilities highlighted with a color unlock a new tower or trap. The mana/crystal ability and the ability for greens to shoot upwards are really powerful.
Play Bloons TD 5 Bloons TD 5 Oct. 03, 2012
C_Jay - Try apopolypse mode.
Play Vorp! Vorp! Aug. 18, 2012
This game greatly reminds me of subspace. Anyone ever play that? It also had wildly different ships, an energy pool that was also health, and inertia-heavy movement. Of course, this has much better graphics, and no one had thought of DotA style games yet.
Play Were you a Nineties Gamer? Were you a Nineties Gamer? May. 06, 2012
I'm also thrown by spaces. This kind of game desperately needs to allow multiple spellings. There have been like 4 games I've been convinced I have wrong just because of spaces, or something similar. I'm afraid I don't like the game because of this.
Developer response from saybox

Sorry :( I made it as lenient as possible on most games, but a few of them I wasn't expecting to cause problems (like Starfox) :)

Play Pick and Dig 3 Pick and Dig 3 Jan. 26, 2012
I bought the ledge hanging ability first. And then straight to spider man. Unless I'm missing something, I'm now stuck. There are barely any levels even reachable at this point.
Play KillingGround KillingGround Mar. 08, 2010
I think this could be a real winner if you found a way to clean up the slowdown.
Play Medieval Rampage 2 Medieval Rampage 2 Sep. 03, 2009
The melee achievements seem to be broken.