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Play MadBurger 3 MadBurger 3 Nov. 28, 2014
Love launch games. To bad there are no achievements. 5+ Also the hats don't protect anvils :/
Play Wild West Town Wild West Town Apr. 15, 2013
Stupid that they refuse to update or work on this Kongregate version! :'(
Play Thousand Dollar Soul Thousand Dollar Soul Apr. 01, 2013
I wanna win a date!
Play Park my Car Park my Car Feb. 17, 2013
This game is so stupid, but fun.
Play Jacksmith Jacksmith Oct. 20, 2012
So stupidly long....
Play Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 Sep. 29, 2012
I can't figure out how to get Jackon or Reinhold. Can someone tell me how please?
Play Wild West Town Wild West Town Jul. 16, 2012
This game is getting nerfed harder and harder everyday. Please make energy easier to come upon. Some people can only log in once maybe twice a day.
Play Orbital Decay Orbital Decay Jun. 24, 2012
such a long game........ POKE MEH EYES OUT!
Play Achievement Unlocked 3 Achievement Unlocked 3 Jun. 09, 2012
I like how people have over 400 achievements. Antikryst 405 Tobal_Thiago 402 Makes you wonder if there are more than 400 or if people just cheated :(
Play Stick Figure Badminton 2 Stick Figure Badminton 2 Jun. 02, 2012
Flawless Victory1
Play Paladog Paladog May. 28, 2012
"Thank you so much!! I went Dark Forest for herbs and mushrooms and the kicking monster almost got me." rofl Funny and it's missing "into"!
Play Utopian Mining Utopian Mining May. 28, 2012
If anyone else is short on cash like I always was simply time iamacheater and you will get tons of cash!
Play Reincarnation:  Riley's Out Again Reincarnation: Riley's Out Again May. 27, 2012
This was the best one yet. I thought the maze was pretty simple however.
Play Boom Town Boom Town May. 27, 2012
If you run out of money just play the day without blowing anything up. You make money from the people in your town.
Play Champions of chaos Champions of chaos May. 26, 2012
Pretty good game. However the there are voices in the beginning, but then they randomly stop? Also the epilogue moves to quickly to read it :'(
Play Haunt the House Haunt the House May. 25, 2012
PRetty fun, but kinda long.
Play Were you a Nineties Gamer? Were you a Nineties Gamer? May. 07, 2012
Wow.. ↑↑↓↓←→←→BAba i was typing it wrong :p
Play Were you a Nineties Gamer? Were you a Nineties Gamer? May. 07, 2012
For turrican or phantasy star I can't get any codes to let me get to the last question which the answer is contra from all the comments anyone able to help so I can get 100%?
Play Were you a Nineties Gamer? Were you a Nineties Gamer? May. 07, 2012
A walkthrough would be nice or some type of answer bank after x amount of time. I can't figure out all the answers even with the hints/pictures :'(
Play Top Defense Top Defense May. 07, 2012
Survival is boring. After you get the mines your pretty much good.