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I’m a mediocre RPer, judge me all you want.
~~-RP Characters-~-~-

Name: Wutnold
Race: Ethereal Being
Age: Kitten (Five years? I don’t know!)
Powers: Ethereal magic, (summoning rifts, beams of light, green lantern powers, etc.) kitten magic, (Charm) and transformation. (into a ninja cat)
Weapons: Magic Constructs
Weaknesses: Any shield or armor that is made out of a metal stronger than steel, because his claws and teeth can only cut through steel and weaker.
Bio: Birthed by Sysalin, Former Queen of the Ethereal Realm and raised by Sir Verie, the Berserker King.
Other stuff: Glows, (can turn on/off at will) likes fruit, books, fish, and catnip. Accepts catnip as payment for anything, the more, the better.
Name: Fury Fists or Richard J. Arnold
Race: Manly Man
Age: 37
Powers: All combat arts involving strong and swift blows.
Weapons: Fist
Weaknesses: Letting him know about all of the embarrassing and unmanly stuff about him and his stupidity.
Bio: Master of all of the arts, he dominates in battle with and without weapons.
Other stuff: Muscly, has a killer handlebar mustache.
Name: Chameleon
Race: Human
Age: 27
Powers: Blending in and acrobatics.
Weapons: Smoke bombs, explosives, and sticky bombs.
Weaknesses: Complex patterns and flies. They distract him from battle.
Bio: Born with the ability to change his skin color, he uses his powers for crime.
Other stuff: Makes his own explosives, which he then can sell or store them.
Hey! You either skipped to here or read the entirety of my description!
Have some lyrics from one of my favorite songs.
“Everyone started out a little insane,
but we learned pretty quick to fake it for the game,
but some of you never learned to drop the act,
so onto that skin of yours, a heart attack.”
Make A Move – IDon’tKnowTheNameOfThisBand.
I’m going to be honest, I was on a random video spree and I found it as an AMV and it didn’t give the band name like the skrub they are.

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