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~~-RP Characters-~-~-

Name: Wutnold
Race: Ethereal Being
Age: Kitten (Five years? I don’t know!)
Powers: Ethereal magic, (summoning rifts, beams of light, green lantern powers, etc.) kitten magic, (Charm) and transformation. (into a ninja cat)
Weapons: Magic Constructs
Weaknesses: Any shield or armor that is made out of a metal stronger than steel, because his claws and teeth can only cut through steel and weaker.
Bio: Birthed by Sysalin, Former Queen of the Ethereal Realm and raised by Sir Verie, the Berserker King.
Other stuff: Glows, (can turn on/off at will) likes fruit, books, fish, and catnip. Accepts catnip as payment for anything, the more, the better.
Name: Fury Fists or Richard J. Arnold
Race: Manly Man
Age: 37
Powers: All combat arts involving strong and swift blows.
Weapons: Body and a black painted Desert Eagle.
Weaknesses: Letting him know about all of the embarrassing and unmanly stuff about him.
Bio: Master of all of the arts, he dominates in battle with and without weapons.
Other stuff: Muscly, has a killer handlebar mustache.
Wears camo cargo pants and wears no shirt.
Brown haired and blue eyed. Good cook. Has an apron in his kitchen.
Name: Theodore that isn’t OncomingSun
Race: Badass Sk8erbro
Age: 17
Powers: Badass skating skillz
Weapons: Spirit board (Can emit an aura that explodes, can pop out adamantium blades, unbreakable, flies, etc.)
Weaknesses: Anybody with a massive AoE attack or somebody faster than his reflexes. Which are really fast.
Bio: He was skateboarding around a park when the skateboarding god appeared and was like “Yo, you’re the chosen boarder. Take this skateboard, it’s awesome.” and his skateboard was replaced with the sick spirit board.
Other Stuff: Wears an enchanted grey beanie, allowing him to control his board at will. He dons a green or yellow t-shirt with a grey cotton undershirt, black pants, and sk8er shoes. Brown hair, blue eyes. His personality is arrogant and like one of those stereotypical “cool people” you see in movies.
Name: zak
Race: asasin
Age: 18
Powers: darknes
Weapons: hiden blads, sords, gun,
Weaknesses: nothin
Bio: i fownd my powerz wen i was hikin wit my dad and a demin popd up and kild my dad and stol my sol so nnow i hav dark powrs
Other Stuff: wears blak rob, looks like ezio oditoray

Now, onto the photodump.
Hey! You read my entire list of characters! Good on you! Unless you skipped here. Did you know, if you hold ALT and press 255 on the numpad (to the right of your main keys) you get a blank space? You can make a hidden folder using this! Also, ALT-755 brings you to google search. Try it.
If you skipped here, go bite some tinfoil.
You jackass.

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