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Don’t worry, even I find those X’s annoying and yes, they look absolutely ridiculous, thank you very much. Unfortunately removing them is apparently impossible because the Admins are without a doubt evil. There is no other logical explanation for this. I swear I’ve seen them eat goats and sacrifice babies… or… the other way around? Maybe they ate baby goats as a sacrifice… or was it worshipping a goat-baby? Look, I’m getting old, it’s hard to remember, okay? The point is, the world is a dark, cold and cruel place and there is definitely no human being that has ever suffered as much as me. NOBODY KNOWS MY PAIN. Of course I could start over with a new account but.. I think I’ll pass. I would probably die trying due to excessive Rage since some Badges are either mind-meltingly boring and/or frustrating. Not to mention that some of my earned Badges don’t even exist anymore (or rather the games that had them).

Anyway as you can see one of my fluent languages includes sarcasm. The others are german and english (although my pronounciation may not be the best). My russian is not perfect but still pretty good, however due to my keyboard not having the kyrillic letters I am unable to type unless I use Google Translator or the like (although we all know Google is evil as well. Probably working together with goats or Admins – there’s a big thing going on, I tell you!).

I also tend to be kind of a smartass sometimes and I like to collect a Badge or two from time to time. Otherwise I’m a pretty chill guy with lots of patience (still limited, obviously), I usually(!) try to help people and I know lots of stuff. Actually scratch that – I know absolutely everything.. it’s just that it’s not always right. Or accurate. Or even close. But don’t sweat the small stuff.

If you want to know the day I reached Level 65.. well tough luck… if you REALLY need to know you can try clicking on my Points and tracking my progress (good luck with that, bwahahaha!) but I don’t really care anyway, so why should you?

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