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Play pulse pulse Feb. 15, 2014
It would be nice if you could move/delete inserted pieces.
Play Dungeons of Kong Dungeons of Kong Nov. 11, 2013
Strategy to win nightmare easily: - Monk archer + another monk archer (load this one) + cleric - Equip cleric with Mace of Restoration and both archers with +damage bows. Other equipments are optional. - Aways level up the monks before the cleric. They need the bonus damage. Plus to stick it.
Play Dungeons of Kong Dungeons of Kong Nov. 09, 2013
To beat nightmare, you need strong healers. The best way to go is two monk archers and one cleric to hold the healing mace.
Play Rise of Mythos Rise of Mythos May. 29, 2013
People are complaining about choosing the wrong gender. Most of the players are male, so the default gender should be male on the character creation.
Play Disaster Will Strike 2 Disaster Will Strike 2 May. 24, 2013
The sequels could have a frying weapon, killing all the eggs touching the gound block.
Play Give Up Give Up Apr. 11, 2013
R key to restart a level would be nice.
Play The Grinns Tale The Grinns Tale Mar. 16, 2013
Clicking and dragging to attack is awful. Couldn't you press 1, 2, 3 then click on a target?
Play The Grinns Tale The Grinns Tale Mar. 14, 2013
An auto-combat feature would be nice.
Play Pandemic: American Swine Pandemic: American Swine Dec. 31, 2012
Easy game. This step-by-step works even in extreme mode: 1. Close the airports and seaports from healthy cities. 2. Close the borders from Canada. 3. Give masks to the people until you research the vacine. 4. Vaccine the healthy cities to isolate the infected ones. 5. Wait while the people die, or try to save some souls. 6. Control the media or you may lose due to panic. P.S.: If another city gets infected in the first day, restart the game.
Play Lucky Tower 2 Lucky Tower 2 Dec. 12, 2012
Did you try to put the disguise right before the wizard too?
Play Decision 2 Decision 2 Sep. 15, 2012
Destroy everything! Never forget to shoot at mines or whatever you can explode. Most of your mission income may come from destructing things.
Play Meat Boy (map pack) Meat Boy (map pack) Aug. 06, 2012
The movement is too sensitive!
Play Rebuild Rebuild Apr. 08, 2012
The trick is to refresh your browser if you lose a fort fight, before the next day starts.
Play Dude and Zombies Dude and Zombies Jul. 21, 2011
Just buy the exp and gold upgrades, then go for Uzi. Save money to Minigun and you will end around 20th wave.
Play Bubbles 2 Bubbles 2 Jul. 03, 2011
Very easy hard badge, just remember to destroy every mine when you are invincible.
Play Chaos Faction 2 Chaos Faction 2 Jun. 25, 2011
For the hard badge, just keep jumping in the electric wires holding punch button. Move eventualy to get stars, but don't fight in the ground.
Play Electric Box Electric Box Mar. 08, 2011
I got shocked after playing this. =[
Play I Am An Insane Rogue AI I Am An Insane Rogue AI Mar. 08, 2011
Nice game, I like the way AI can control everything.
Play Defend your Honor! Defend your Honor! Mar. 08, 2011
A feel more descriptions about enemies strengths and weaknesses would improve the game alot, but good game anyway.
Play Lightbot 2.0 Lightbot 2.0 Mar. 08, 2011
After ending this game I was crouching to turn on the lights at home.