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May 21, 2014 6:40pm

Wait a second, didn’t you leave FGF?
Yet you lurk.
Don’t look at me like that, I’m totally not being hypocritical.

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Xandrya May 21, 2014 7:21pm

I left Kong, not FGF, but then I came back.

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May 7, 2014 7:45pm

Odds are you won’t see this because I’m an idiot and I’m always late to the party, but you were a good friend, I actually had a great time constantly talking to you and our massive conversation is something I may put on resumes, you actually know things about me no one else will ever know. Anyway, I don’t know the circumstan…

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Apr 27, 2014 6:01pm

Welp, late goodbye Xan. Sorry to cya go.
Lays Flowers on Grave

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Apr 20, 2014 3:26am

Sucks to see you go, Xan. As DAZ said, good luck for your future.

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Apr 20, 2014 2:04am

I was never a person who devoted myself to the RP section, but you were one of those dedicated people, along with people like Blood_Shadow. You will forever be missed…come back sometime? </3

GL in the future.

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Apr 20, 2014 12:50am

Thank you for everything. I think the first contact between us might’ve been in Gambi’s The World After and I truly think with you leaving, we’re down another amazing RPer.

Hopefully everything will go well for you in the future, so take care.

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Apr 19, 2014 11:04pm

Bye :-(

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Apr 19, 2014 10:03pm

Sucks that we had to lose you.

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Mar 30, 2014 10:16am


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Xandrya Apr 6, 2014 8:29pm

No, just my university. I doubt I got the job though, it’s been over two weeks.

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AlexvdL Apr 6, 2014 8:33pm


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Xandrya Apr 6, 2014 8:37pm

Tell me about it.

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Mar 13, 2014 3:39pm

I posted before refreshing so I missed your post. I’ve edited it to include a response to you now, in case you didn’t notice.

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Xandrya Mar 13, 2014 4:56pm

I saw :)

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Sep 25, 2013 10:26pm

haha that was an awesome video.

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Sep 9, 2013 8:15pm

Well if you see me online give me a shout.

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Sep 9, 2013 6:17pm

Where have you been friend? It says you are online rather often but I never can get a word in with you.