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Play BUGWAVE BUGWAVE Oct. 17, 2008
This would be a great game if the resolution issue was fixed and help was added to make it clear what was going on. Just add a training level for the first level. I got in the end that it worked like Desktop Tower Defense. But it wasn't clear at all. The resolution setting makes key areas of the game inaccessible, making it unplayable, unless the player clicks show all in the Flash menu.
Play Bumper Car Madness Bumper Car Madness Sep. 08, 2007
Due to overwhelming demand, I've added High Scores. Also tweaked the layout to expand the playing field and added a little speed boost. Have fun!
Play Bumper Car Madness Bumper Car Madness Aug. 17, 2007
Based on the feedback, I've added a pause feature (Press P to toggle pause on and off) and support for 4-player offline multiplayer using the keyboard for additional players.