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Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Mar. 27, 2012
Anyone else finding themselves yelling at the screen, "I'm playing as hard as I can! It's the rest of you who are making it impossible for us to get any points! Don't yell at me for not trying, I'm working my pants off here!"?
Play Legend of the Void Legend of the Void Dec. 02, 2011
I love this! I can't believe how fast you let the ball roll... Level 5, and I can summon a demon that deals 87 damage!! Of course, in retrospect, this might not be a lot, but against wolves who only have 105 health... I was ecstatic! Not to mention the backgrounds, the animations, the--the--the EVERYTHING!! I salute you! I've been looking for a flash RPG to play for a while... Now I found it!
Play Devotion Devotion Jan. 17, 2011
I personally thought I was going to be told my princess was jumping off another cliff. Too bad I died three times only to die in the end, huh?
Play  Darkness Episode 3 Darkness Episode 3 Jan. 12, 2011
If you DO manage to get out of the train, what will happen is she will just run off-screen outside of the train, and say, "Yes, I did it! I managed to get out of the train!" Then the lights will flicker and go out, and she will say, "Uh-oh," and the ghost lady will be seen "crawling" after her. You CAN escape, Destroyah.
Play Darkness Episode 1 Darkness Episode 1 Jan. 12, 2011
Well, tagerimm, not all of us have a twelve-inch e-peen like you do. We PREFER having fun, rather than trying to act manly on the interwebs.
Play Seven Deadly Sins Seven Deadly Sins Jan. 12, 2011
I feel proud that I was able to commit the Seven Deadly Sins in twenty minutes.
Play Loved Loved Aug. 07, 2010
Something I noticed is that when you "fail", you can see your pixelated corpse where you died when you resurrect, like its taunting that you died. But something interesting is that when I didn't complete a task, I became aggrivated that I failed...
Play Elona Shooter Elona Shooter Nov. 15, 2009
PLAN OF ACTION: If you have a Little Girl, dismiss her and hire a Sniper/Militia/Noble. Get 2 Trainers, 2 Looters (unless Rogue), 2 Repairmen, and finally a House. Hire a Sniper/Militia/Noble. Upgrade all weapons once. Apply Impact and Leech mods, sell the rest. Buy chickens with rest of cash daily. Use AP points to (in order of priority) Claim Title, Collect Eggs, Eat Dinner, and Go Searching. Re-post this so it won't get lost!