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Anti Idle: The Game

Stuff I know (Greatest to least)

[07:29 PM] Epic_I_Am: Let’s sing Let It Go how Yoda would
[07:29 PM] Epic_I_Am: Glows white on the mountain tonight, the snow.
[07:30 PM] Epic_I_Am: Footprint to be seen, not a.
[07:30 PM] Epic_I_Am: Of isolation, a kingdom.
[07:30 PM] Xfrogman43: Please, don’t.
[07:30 PM] Epic_I_Am: Like I’m the queen, and it looks.
[07:31 PM] Epic_I_Am: Like the swirling storm inside, the wind is howling.
[07:31 PM] Epic_I_Am: Now that I think about it it sounds horrible
[07:31 PM] Xfrogman43: Lol
1HAVE1EYE: XFROGMAN43: has a gf!?
XFROGMAN43: 1have1eye: no
1HAVE1EYE: ill be your gf
Redsting:cuz that moment when ur hired for a game when u dont know how to program to the max
Xfrogman43: .-.
Redsting: just like mrshoe
[06:30 PM] koolboat00: … haven’t play this game for about just like 6 mouths since i founded another game?
[06:31 PM] koolboat00: ehhh, idc
[06:31 PM] koolboat00: am just here to relive my past memorys.
[06:32 PM] XxxMayronel21xxX: A silly one, but hey, it’s something.
[06:32 PM] koolboat00: wut the new update?
[06:32 PM] koolboat00: .-.
[06:32 PM] koolboat00: …
[06:33 PM] koolboat00: i already when into the shop.
[06:33 PM] koolboat00: and,,,
[06:33 PM] koolboat00: and…*
[06:33 PM] koolboat00: i already KNOW what signs are.
[06:33 PM] XxxMayronel21xxX: Wow, as if I didn’t know what a sign does prior to this…
[06:39 PM] epicpietrilogy: im playing this game called everybody edits
[06:40 PM] XxxMayronel21xxX: Didn’t know.
[06:41 PM] Xfrogman43: What’s everybody edits?
[06:41 PM] epicpietrilogy: I guess a crafting thing
[06:41 PM] koolboat00: it a sandbox game…
[06:41 PM] Xfrogman43: Weird
[06:41 PM] epicpietrilogy: i just started playing lol
[06:41 PM] Xfrogman43: Never heard of it.
[06:41 PM] koolboat00: expect it blocks only.
[06:41 PM] koolboat00: .-.
[06:41 PM] koolboat00: well… kinda
[06:41 PM] Xfrogman43: Is it fun?
[06:41 PM] koolboat00: i guess…
[06:42 PM] koolboat00: foar the people whoe like sandbox gamez, lol.
[06:42 PM] epicpietrilogy: yea i like sandbox but this is just wierd
[06:43 PM] epicpietrilogy: anyone playing a game that i can play with them im bored
[06:43 PM] koolboat00: idk
[06:43 PM] YEEEE: I AM LVL 15 i get 400 energy max
[06:44 PM] koolboat00: ummm…. ok? i have 400 energy max…
[06:44 PM] koolboat00: still…
[06:44 PM] YEEEE: liezz
[06:44 PM] Xfrogman43: What is this game?
[06:44 PM] Xfrogman43: I don’t get it.
[06:44 PM] koolboat00: level 12 is MAX
[06:44 PM] Xfrogman43: Max what?
[06:44 PM] koolboat00: nothing if you don’t play it…
[06:44 PM] koolboat00: xfrogman :P
[06:44 PM] XxxMayronel21xxX: Wtf is Everybody Edits?
[06:45 PM] Deedle1: try it out and see
[06:45 PM] panda25: Everybody Edits sounds dumb
[06:45 PM] koolboat00: .-. wtffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff error 8817×1888
[06:45 PM] 0XXSTALKERXX0: everbody edits is fun
[06:45 PM] koolboat00: yeah… above same.
[06:45 PM] Deedle1: ee is awesome
[06:45 PM] XxxMayronel21xxX: 16646496 is the answer to your error.
[06:45 PM] 0XXSTALKERXX0: im surprised to say that but its fun
[06:45 PM] koolboat00: who heard of EE2?
[06:45 PM] Deedle1: well this is an American game
[06:45 PM] Xfrogman43: Deedle1: How2play
[06:46 PM] 0XXSTALKERXX0: no such thing
[06:46 PM] koolboat00: (ps don’t go google it… it downnnnnnnn)
[06:46 PM] koolboat00: (don’t google EE2, it down… lol)
[06:46 PM] Deedle1: you use arrow keys to move space bar to jump and mouse to put and remove bloacks if you have edit
[06:47 PM] Deedle1: blocks*
[06:48 PM] koolboat00: well… am gonna go play something else…

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