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Play Bit Battles Bit Battles Nov. 02, 2013
I would like to see the difficulty increase as more time goes on. As it stands now its a bit too easy.
Play Just Chatting Just Chatting Sep. 01, 2011
Hmm I don't think it will load for me.
Play Wish Upon a Star Wish Upon a Star Jul. 12, 2011
So what can I wish for with these extra stars...hmm...
Play Raze Raze Jun. 06, 2011
I am pretty excited if there is going to be a Raze 2!
Play Warp Game Warp Game Jun. 06, 2011
It doesn't seem to be loading for me.
Play Step Seq. Step Seq. May. 19, 2011
Do you think you could also make it so that you can change the tempo on certain pages and be able to edit the beats a little bit more on the drums?
Play Snake3D Snake3D Mar. 28, 2011
It is a bit hard to even move when you tail swings out and kills you.
Play The Company of Myself The Company of Myself Nov. 15, 2010
@Kanacali it actuallys says in the end that he was responsible for her death.
Play Harry Cannon's Pipe Dreams Harry Cannon's Pipe Dreams Nov. 12, 2010
This game is hard as hell.
Play To Be a Hero. To Be a Hero. Nov. 11, 2010
I think it is a really good idea especially with the little animations that also go with it.
Play Feed the King Feed the King Nov. 07, 2010
You think if the cake gets stacked high enough that the bakers arm will come off and the king will sufficate in space?
Play Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2 Nov. 01, 2010
At least this game tells me were to go if a deadly virus breaks out.