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Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Feb. 02, 2014
i really want a idle mine 2, more upgrades, more stones, more pick, more idle stuff hahahaha
Play The Grinns Tale The Grinns Tale Oct. 09, 2012
would really be nice if you could change attack in the middle of a fight
Play The Grinns Tale The Grinns Tale Oct. 06, 2012
5/5 btw
Play The Grinns Tale The Grinns Tale Oct. 06, 2012
first i was like, another building multiplayer game? tsc... and a quit the page, but today i was like, its no multiplayer, let me see... it was like 2 hours ago, still playing xD very addictive and cool, the graphics and the jokes are sweet, as the other i just miss the selling stuff cus i need wood and cant lvl up the archer :/(not a bug =P) and the "dinig hall"(ty orca ahushsauahs) but really different and addictive game =D
Play Stardrops Stardrops Aug. 08, 2012
hey bro, nice game, just there is a little glitch, if u try to jump and use shooting star right before on a meteor you got stuck on it =P
Play Nightmare Runner Nightmare Runner Jun. 01, 2012
another thing that would be nice is, when u resume the game after a pause u have like a countdown to not die for missclick >.<
Developer response from clockworkmonster

good idea...

Play Kill the Heroes Kill the Heroes Mar. 28, 2012
Geez let's see what is new on kongre! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX made by nerdook. OMFG NEED TO PLAY IT NOW!!!! btw i love your draw style and new ideas =P
Play Canoniac Launcher Canoniac Launcher Dec. 22, 2011
there is a little glicht on shop menu, sometimes when u change the bar showing what is selected stay showing the last thing not the actual =D
Play Ultimate Santa Battle Ultimate Santa Battle Dec. 22, 2011
Good game, i really like Nerdook games, cus its simple and fun 5/5 think u could made ur santa be diferent of the elfs, like randomize santa and randomize elf on different buttons, and not all random too, dunno its Nerdook game not mine, just a sugestion xP
Play Ge.ne.sis Ge.ne.sis Dec. 08, 2011
More than 2 years since i played this game, and everyday I wait for next one, when i saw Rabbit Holles, was like "OMFG finally" but not yet, Y U Not ready yet T.T
Play Mr Vengeance Act-I Mr Vengeance Act-I Jul. 18, 2011
i shoot in their head and they die thats so ea... fk die bastards xD
Play Kick Out Bieber Kick Out Bieber Jun. 21, 2011
Dunno how can people atcually do this... lauche turtles, hedgohs, penguins, santa claus... The developer is a genius =DDDDD
Play REPLAYING :the game: REPLAYING :the game: May. 01, 2011
Reimagine :The Game: Revolutions, ruins, and rainbows. Cant wait for it http://thegame.nutcasenightmare.com/games
Play Humbug Humbug Apr. 06, 2011
LOL You win....? Yes you DID! LOL
Play Hands of War 2 Hands of War 2 Apr. 06, 2011
12:30am: get on home hand of war 2... i don't like the first, but lets see 2pm: hl sht already 2pm, need to study think im gonna wait to study, i don't like spanish anyway xP
Play Insectonator Insectonator Apr. 05, 2011
to get 100% after al things done u need to kill ur self to do that nuke lightning on the nuke
Play Insectonator Insectonator Apr. 05, 2011
women: HLYSHT a cockroach, kill it man:where's my axe? women:on the drawer man:thanks. now die cockroach Headshot lol 5/5
Play BinB BinB Apr. 05, 2011
very good game, but like Blinklink7 said he need to be faster, when i got the speed upgrade, i think "oh now he is... sht is the almost the same" and i like the killing monsters and gold stuff nice=D
Play Trollface Launch Trollface Launch Apr. 02, 2011
Think is the worst game ever!!1!!!!111one!!! Problem? (jk is very good) 5/5
Play ZitS: the Saviour - Act 1 ZitS: the Saviour - Act 1 Mar. 26, 2011
the weapon system is very good, i liked a lot,actually i like the game, think need only to fix 2 little things: 1) when u use the helicopter u kill the zombies but when ur down on the street they´r back, so or u kill them and they dont come more ou u kill them and they cotinue to come 2) make the next atcs harder, was kind of easy, but great. 5/5 this is just a suggestion =D