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Play Doodle God Blitz Doodle God Blitz Jun. 03, 2015
I would love to play this game, I really would. And were it not for the ads, the microtransactions, and the constant refreshing, I would. But as it is right now, I cannot stand to play more than a few seconds at a time for all the mentioned reasons. So I will leave you with this. If your game is truly great, the players will come back of their own violation, and you will get the plays you so desperately crave.
Play Doodle God Blitz Doodle God Blitz Jun. 03, 2015
Do not play this game. The developers are using cheap tactics to artificially enhance the number of "plays" that the game receives, by creating game "time outs"(if you spend to much time afk the game displays a message "The game session has timed out. Please reload the game to avoid losing save data.") and wont let you interact with the game unless you reload the game page, and "offering" game hints if you reset the game(which are useless if you play the game right). Further more, Kongergate is artificially enhancing the score and reviews by getting employees to vote, and comment positively on the game(using dummy accounts), because it uses the "kreds" system which will slightly increase their revenue if they get more players on the game, and by extension, a higher likelihood that someone will be willing to pay money for kreds to buy stuff in game(this happens with a lot of games that include a working "kreds" system in the game).
Play Idle Cells Idle Cells May. 28, 2015
Also what Hobelbruder means is that the soft reset multipliers aren't showing when you open the evolve menu.
Play Idle Cells Idle Cells May. 28, 2015
I noticed the game does not play if you open/switch to another tab. It would make it a lot better if you did(at least as an idle game).
Play Idle Snake Idle Snake May. 25, 2015
Also, increasing the room size does NOT double the food gain/unit of food, otherwise I would be gaining hundreds per food instead of 10/food.
Developer response from wixoa

Just noticed that the bonus doesn't save when refreshing the tab. Fixed now.

Play Idle Snake Idle Snake May. 25, 2015
When I open/go to a new tab it causes this game to freeze in this tab until I go back to this tab.
Play Earn to Die 2: Exodus Earn to Die 2: Exodus May. 23, 2015
Who the f-uck is the retard who thought the control key was a goods idea for the boost button! Ctrl+W is the shortcut for closing the tab you moron! And the alternative isn't any better because when I'm pressing the W key I can't press the X key at the same time!
Play Idle Raiders Idle Raiders May. 12, 2015
Laglaglaglaglaglaglaglaglaglaglaglaglaglaglag, seriously, I can see a lot of potential in this game, but OPTIMIZATION IS YOUR FRIEND! Please optimise, or let me right click so I can lower the quality for more frames!
Play Sim Apocalypse Sim Apocalypse May. 08, 2015
*Hillary Clinton joined your group* NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!!!!!!!
Play Ice Lolly Empire Ice Lolly Empire Apr. 29, 2015
So... little... content... *dies of boredom*
Play Cube It (Testing) Cube It (Testing) Apr. 27, 2015
The game does not progress if you tab out.
Developer response from themetallicpig

I know, still trying to work out a system for that, sorry for the inconvenience

Play Kill the Plumber Kill the Plumber Apr. 22, 2015
The replay level button is broken.
Play Money clicker 2 Money clicker 2 Apr. 12, 2015
Disregard my previous comment, what this game needs is a tutorial on the greed system.
Play Money clicker 2 Money clicker 2 Apr. 12, 2015
It has potential, but for now the upgrades need to give a LOT more, or the upgrades need to cost a LOT less.
Play Idle Dungeon Idle Dungeon Apr. 05, 2015
If you click on the middle of the character screen you can kill whatever creature you are fighting from that screen, meaning you can farm all the Xp you need from there without the need to go to the battle screen(except to change the enemy).
Play IdleFruit IdleFruit Mar. 31, 2015
I would be happy to offer suggestions on ideas to improve the game, just PM me and I'll get back to you probably within the day but if not, definitely within the week.
Play IdleFruit IdleFruit Mar. 31, 2015
Things to add: 1. An automatic save/load feature(keep the manual one too just in case). 2. The option to buy multiple of something, or how many you will get when you do buy multiple, and how much it will cost. 3. More fruit farms to buy(If you cannot think up anything new, you are on the internet, ask around and filter out the good suggestions from the bad ones). 4. More upgrades(You know, the usual multipliers for production, and click gathering amount). 5. Show how much the total FPS is(cumulative total, bonus points if you create a separate calculation for FPS before upgrades).
Developer response from Gandalf___

1. So far I have an autosave every 5 minutes, and im working on an auto load and a faster save. 2. That wont be so easy, but ill try and work on it 3. Haha, working on that now :P 4. More upgrades? Just need the ideas 5. I've tried this before, it didn't work, but ill try again EDIT: I cannot have an auto load at the moment, because im not sure what would happen if a new player loads without a save. However, i will be happy to increase the autosave time if you want

Play Space Miner Idle Space Miner Idle Mar. 30, 2015
Clicking ANYWHERE in the trade window that isn't on a button will close the window, whether or not you wan't to close the window.
Developer response from HellAvalor

Fixed. Refresh game.

Play Space Miner Idle Space Miner Idle Mar. 30, 2015
You NEED a way to filter what you keep when you mine resources, so you don't get as much of the useless resources that you don't need. And a better tutorial.
Developer response from HellAvalor

Tnx, add to TODO list

Play Cartel Tycoon Cartel Tycoon Mar. 26, 2015
I would say this game has a fair amount of potential. Just keep updating this and listening to the comments and this will go somewhere... I'll be watching this with interest.