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This is my lovely bio~! ♥
Hai! Ok so I am both an warrior cat fan and pokemon.I like Digmon as well along with some anime,my fav is Inuyasha.My profile pic is my pokemon charater

My main team:
Braixen (female,never gonna let evolve for main reasons,my starter pokemon as a Fennekin)
Lorelei (female,was my pet Meowth when I was yet not in fit of 10 years old to go traveling,she’s a Perisan now and she doesn’t really fight much but I usally have her outside her pokeball)
Chocolate (female Furret,along ith her sister,a shiny pink Furret blue eyed name’s Strawberry)
Dewott (male,might not evolve,I caughted him alrighty evolve,he has a girlfriend Floatzel which is on my team too)
Aqua (female Floatzel,caughted after Dewott,the Floatzel might is dating Dewott)
Backup Pokemon:
Froakie (male,never gonna evolve)
Chespin (male,never gonna evolve)
~Espeon (female,caughted as evolved)
~Leafeon (female, caughted as evolved)
~Glaceon (female,caughted evolved)
*Eevee (female,might not evolve)
Sentret (female ,very very smaller than other Sentrets,little sister of Chocolate and Strawberry,never gonna evolve)
*Purrloin (female,instead of a yellowish fur spot it has white and bright green eyes)
*Snivy (female)
*Meowth (male,little brother of Lorelei,gift from my aunt,might not evolve)
Amber (female,shiny Absol green eyes)
*Hoelioptile (female ,never gonna evolve)
~Mel (female young mew)
Xerneas (male,married to Virizion)
Virizion (femae,married to Xerneas)
Cresselia (female)
Breeze (female Delcatty,instead of purple,she is light blue)
If the pokemon name as a * next to it,it means I have the pokemon as a firgure toy irl,if it has a ~ it means I have it as a plushie irl,I make sure I have my pokemon toys and plushies irl be on my team.

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