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Play The Awakening RPG The Awakening RPG Dec. 07, 2014
You awake in a forest with no memory, carrying only a sword. Hint – it was not caused by severe drinking the day before. hahaha rofl. That's great.
Developer response from RockLou

lol thanks

Play Monster Clicker Monster Clicker Dec. 01, 2014
You have a glitch. At 7 at night I evolved into naki(aka a daytime required evolution).
Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Oct. 29, 2014
glitch at the end of levels. Please fix this. I am sick of having to retreat from battles I have finished just to redo them.
Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Oct. 26, 2014
This game is glitch at the end of a level sometimes it does not end and I need to exit the level and lose everything I did.
Play Moon Waltz Moon Waltz Oct. 09, 2014
I can't get the love for self cause the game restarts before the cop gets to the cell.
Play Rogue Soul 2 Rogue Soul 2 Oct. 04, 2014
So...what does the statue do(other than appear in the background?) Nothing? And more importantly what does the arena do? So expensive.