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Play Mine Blocks Mine Blocks Apr. 29, 2015
Hi! Just wanted to confirm that I am still working on the next update. Sorry it's taking so long, haha. I almost finished my first year of college! Busy busy! :D Thanks for playing!
Play Mine Blocks Mine Blocks Nov. 15, 2014
Developer response from Zanzlanz

Uhhh... haha...

Play Mine Blocks Mine Blocks Jun. 08, 2014
The Frequently Asked Questions page will help answer some of your biggest questions or concerns: If you have any other questions, feel free to ask here! :D
Play platformer deluxe DEMO platformer deluxe DEMO Mar. 17, 2013
Weird stuff happens on Kongregate... D:
Play Mine Blocks Mine Blocks Jan. 26, 2013
Hi everyone! I just sent a bug report to Kongregate about the game crashing when generating a world. If this bug is happening to you, please play Mine Blocks on my site, (or another site, if you prefer it). Sorry, and I'm trying to help get it fix as soon as possible.
Developer response from Zanzlanz

Oh hi, thanks for the comment--- oh wait. This has been fixed, everyone :)

Play Mine Blocks Mine Blocks Jan. 09, 2013
Skeleton crashing bug is fixed. Thanks for notifying me guys! The reason I never noticed it is because it wasn't happening on any other site. Also, I feel like I'm the only one that puts smiley faces in my comments... :3 :) ;D