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Play Contract Wars Contract Wars Sep. 17, 2014
Woo, all 3 roulette spins were Nothing! I always get at least 1 nothing per day, usually two, but this is the first time I hit the trifecta. I've never gotten anything remotely worthwhile off the damn thing, I'm not sure why it's there other than to make you feel like crap for getting screwed out of thigns constantly. If you want it to be of no value, add more numerous, less value spaces so that the prizes given out stay the same on average, but the user doesn't get sweet dick all so often.
Play Contract Wars Contract Wars Sep. 14, 2014
After level 16, the game boils down to spawn camping. In deathmatch you'll get spawncamped with shotguns, in the other game modes there will be snipers overlooking your main spawn from all the way across the map. Don't use Quick Match or you'll only ever get the hardest camped games, because those are the ones people are ragequitting out of. The game does nothing to promote an active or fair fight. Spawns are poorly thought out and generally have ready made sniper nests to overlook them. In short, if you're looking for a balanced game, keep looking. A fun diversion at low levels, though.
Play Roll that dice Roll that dice Sep. 14, 2014
The dice feel strangely rigged against you. You basically never get 4 of a kind, though straights come up frequently because of it, so that's nice. Also, if you're used to Yahtzee rules, you need 64 (+1 overall) to get your top bonus, instead of 63. Seems kind of arbitrary, but who knows. There are other free yahtzee games out there, just play them instead.
Play Duck, think outside the flock Duck, think outside the flock Aug. 06, 2014
Not a bad little game. All the puzzles were pretty easy until the second Lights Out style puzzle, I suck at those so I ended up half-assed brute forcing it.
Play Infinite Monsters Infinite Monsters Jan. 19, 2014
You made Ctrl jump on a WASD control scheme. That is both awkward and leads to randomly closing the game. I give it 1 star, because that shows the game went through maybe 15 seconds of testing during the design process.
Play Into Space 3: Xmas Story Into Space 3: Xmas Story Dec. 25, 2013
Sounds swiped straight from Elona Shooter. Good times.
Play BioGems BioGems Sep. 10, 2011
Argh, we have to beat the stupid, poorly designed horribly rigged boss again to get the badge? You couldn't even implement the tracking in such a way it could just check to see if there was "Play Again" at the final battle? This is absurd.
Play Sports Heads: Football Sports Heads: Football Sep. 06, 2011
This game is pretty awful. If the ball gets past you, you're screwed because you can't ever get over it to get it back to the other side. The AI can just push you into your own net, and the controls are awful. I don't expect much from Mousebreaker, but this game is bad for even their slapped together crap.
Play Parasite Strike Parasite Strike Sep. 05, 2011
The controls are very sluggish with the WASD layout for some reason. Also, with all the drops and the shots, it's hard to keep track of everything at once because the drops are so large and the bullets are so small.
Play BioGems BioGems Aug. 23, 2011
I'm not sure why Mochigames hates us so much, but the final boss is just a complete dick punch. Every game mechanic is biased against you when it's turned into a two stage fight, because his stage transition breaks any effects a long chain may have had (if you kill him with one), his Rage attack takes over half your HP, his regular attacks take off a ton of HP, and he has a metric assload of health. It's a luck based mission, and luck is never on your side.
Play BioGems BioGems Aug. 23, 2011
Once you get to Goord and Master Squid, it's pretty much 100% random chance. They've got such high attack and HP that you can't feasibly win on strategy, you just have to hope you get an assload of extra turn opportunities and a ton of Defense chains so you can pop one every turn. Pretty bad design in an attempt to cover up crappy AI.
Play Effing Machines Effing Machines Jul. 26, 2011
There's a spot just below the outward corner of the window on the left side (near the spawn) where if you have the Thor Cannon, you can hold the mouse there and never move it and kill everything, just running back and forth to pick up the metal.
Play Penguin Overlords Penguin Overlords Jul. 26, 2011
Are there seriously not hotkeys for the special abilities? That's the dumbest thing in the world.
Play Run From the Sun Run From the Sun Jul. 26, 2011
Getting a star or a near miss bonus in a jump that would normally get you a Leap of Faith bonus prevents you from getting the Leap of Faith bonus. Makes the achievement a huge pain in the ass.
Play Learn to Fly 2 Learn to Fly 2 Jun. 20, 2011
Voted 5 for the intro alone. I already know the game is going to be good, but damn was that an intro.
Play Burn The City Burn The City Jun. 05, 2011
If buildings damaged each other when they fell, it'd add a lot more strategy to it.
Play NES Music Quiz NES Music Quiz Jun. 01, 2011
I got 19/30 without having to resort to hints. The 8 year old me of the past is ashamed. I can't believe I missed some of the gimmies, but could remember stuff like Bubble Bobble and Ice Hockey.
Play Zomgies 2 Zomgies 2 May. 30, 2011
The hitboxes are completely inaccurate which makes the game more difficult than it needs to be.
Play Edmus Edmus May. 21, 2011
Well that's nice. Apparently I had it bug out the first time I loaded it and it wasn't recording any of my stats towards the achievement. So I got past 1k meters and well over 300 flowers, and none of it mattered because the game doesn't save any stats to report when you refresh. Awesome.
Play Nobuyuki Forces 4 Nobuyuki Forces 4 May. 17, 2011
1/5 for having unskippable credits at the start and not bothering to have a preloader. That's pretty god awful considering this is 2011. I haven't even gotten to the gameplay yet, as I'm stuck on this stark white screen. But if you're not going to put effort into doing a proper job, I'm not going to suffer through your lazyness.