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Play Visiting Denis Visiting Denis Mar. 13, 2014
Good lord no amount of cleaning will help save Dennis, his apartment is a freaking pig sty! :D
Play Wistful Memories Wistful Memories Jan. 09, 2014
I'm liking this series of hidden object games. They're challenging without being hopeless, and are quite pretty.
Play Countryside See The Difference Countryside See The Difference Jan. 03, 2014
Hint doesn't work, unless it's underneath the huge banner on the bottom of the image. Move the link image, move the banner and let's see the whole image.
Play Sweetest Candy Decor Sweetest Candy Decor Jan. 01, 2014
Incomprehensible, difficult to understand how to do anything, and horrible Engrish description. Please get someone to translate better, and revise the options to actually show how to play.
Play Trace of Evidence Trace of Evidence Dec. 16, 2013
Reasonably challenging. But I agree with the other comment - the music is awful.
Play Boxing Hidden Letters Boxing Hidden Letters Nov. 29, 2013
Horrible. If there are letters anywhere in the picture, I think I found maybe 2. I'm very good at these, it's that the 'hidden' part of these is 'too' hidden. Helps if you actually make it clear that there are letters to be found that aren't merely guesswork across colors.
Play Hidden Object - My Monster and Me Hidden Object - My Monster and Me Nov. 15, 2013
This game is surprisingly good given that it's in the vertical shape of an app for phones. I don't own a phone capable of playing it, so I won't ever see these 'other levels', but the ones given here are quite challenging. Good variety of ways to find items. Cute work.
Play Gluttonous Spider Gluttonous Spider Nov. 10, 2013
Extremely cute, though the music is a bit repetitive. The Medal Get thing kinda got in the way a bit.
Play Smart Mover Smart Mover May. 12, 2013
I had the old DOS version of this kind of game and I adored it. :D This is a nice flashback, and with some interesting twists. I don't really care about the 'characters' but the game itself is great.
Play Living Water 5 Differences Living Water 5 Differences Apr. 21, 2012
Another beautiful but uncredited game! I would love to know who the artists are, there is one signature visible on a piece, many of them look like old-school fantasy and scifi book covers and I must wonder whether they ARE just that.
Play Ancient evil Ancient evil Apr. 17, 2012
Very pretty and engaging, well done hidden spots as always. My only issue is that none of the artwork is credited and it's always painfully obvious that the 'storyline' is just a slapped together bunch of googled poser and story art from other sources. I wish that they'd at least post original info for the artwork.
Play Halloween Stars Halloween Stars Oct. 22, 2011
Very challenging, excellent color choices and tough to spot glimmers.
Play Zombie Minesweeper Zombie Minesweeper Feb. 12, 2011
Do not want to use the unity plugin. I already have enough crap slowing my net / computer down... Why is this either not integrated into the whole of the Kong site already, or on a different site entirely?
Play Hidden Objects-Disney Christmas Hidden Objects-Disney Christmas Dec. 18, 2010
Too short! And I never thought i'd be looking for toiletries on holiday images ;)
Play Hidden Jingle Bells Hidden Jingle Bells Dec. 18, 2010
Kudos for bringing the "visible when magnified" items back. But minus several million points for the terrible single-pixel clickable area, and several million more for the WOBBLECAM magnifier. I thought you guys got rid of that crap years ago.
Play Hidden Numbers Christmas Hidden Numbers Christmas Dec. 08, 2010
Spell check. Spelled "completed" three different (and 2 wrong) ways...
Play Hidden Objects-Christmas Hidden Objects-Christmas Dec. 08, 2010
Love the backgrounds :) Game's too short! I'd love to have several more screens.
Play Mary and Max Spot the Difference Mary and Max Spot the Difference Nov. 02, 2010
I didn't find the last difference in the 2nd picture, I even took a screenshot and tried comparing them with transparency and it really looked like there was NO difference... fail. Usually these are good, but this one was pretty poor.
Play Angkor Quest Angkor Quest Nov. 02, 2010
I hate it when cheap flash games use the same sound effects as in my favorite mmo City of Heroes. First sound I hear is the "you got a treat" noise from that game. *sigh*
Play Halloween Love Potion Halloween Love Potion Oct. 29, 2010
Am I the only one who sees dingbat letters instead of a normal font on the game? Kind of weird... Maybe I have a font installed that's the same name?