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Hello! People call me Zeo or Lance for the most part. You can find me in Eggstraordinary. I play games here, on steam, and playstation network so send me a message if you want my usernames. I enjoy talking to new people so if you want to go ahead and send me a message.

For all my closest friends in Eggy. These people will always be part of my family:

Brenda: You may hide your feelings, and put up a wall, but i know you need people there for you. I’ll always be there when you need someone to talk to, don’t be afraid to reach out and talk about your day.

Brody: Even though you change my music all the time, i think you would make a great pokemon. Someday, if you keep trying this hard, you could become a real pokemon, or maybe just a lizard.

Cherry: you’ve been part of eggy for a long time, and have always been there to lighten the mood. I would gladly let you collect my nipples just like everyone else.

Epic: I’ve never met anyone that is so proud of their look, that they constantly take school pictures. You are constantly finding secrets about people and helping to make them laugh. May you be part of the link that connects us together.

Femme: You are a pretty awesome girl. I think you owe Grace and i $1,000 here soon, for what? I don’t know….but it’s coming, just be prepared. You talk in bursts but it usually lightens up the room when you do. You took great care of your daughter and I hope she realizes how much you do for her!

French Maid: You’ve always done a great job at cleaning up my messes in just the right way and on time. I know you have boy problems along with other problems in your life, and as your Master i want to say you are one of my greatest friends. If you ever need anything you can send me a text.

Grace: You are pretty amazing. you always manage to make me smile and laugh no matter what, which is hard for most people to do. You have a lot of talent, so always follow your dreams, be the best person you can be, no matter what other people say, never let them get you down. In the end, do what makes you happy, not what other people think will make you happy.

Grifter: You teach me that no matter what happens, you can be a badass. You can take several arrows in your body and still manage to fight back. Always remember that you are somebody’s hero.

Keemi: You were one of the first people i spoke to in Eggy, i’m sure you dont remember that though. You used to rarely talk but now you’ve opened up a lot more and you seem to be pretty close with everyone. We are all your friends here!

Olim: You are a great scientist. Congratulations on the internship and being this much closer to accomplishing your dreams. You are no longer a boy playing with his beakers, you are now a man playing with his everything but beakers. Congratulations!

Pastry: I know you don’t like people being teen werewolves. I know you like to call kids edward scissorhands, but deep down there is a kind hearted man who wishes he could roam around as a teen werewolf.

Pidgey: I have known you for years, and i know you haven’t had the greatest life. You always want to fly off as someone is about to catch you. Keep your head high, it all gets better in the end, even if it may hurt getting there.

Pro/Rob: you two have been dating for quite a while and are really good together, which is why you share a spot. I hope your relationship goes as long as it can and you treasure every moment together.

Sink: You are a really funny person. I like being able to talk to you and you are understanding of situations. You give great advice and are just a great person to talk to. Someday you’ll be a real man, and I promise you, it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Soul: You have had some hard times in your life, having to work constantly and barely having money to get by. Things are starting to look up for you, i wish you the best in school and hope you can make all your dreams come true!

Static: it’s not everyday you find out someone is a real life superhero. You have been a lot of help to people in the chat, and we would all miss you if you ever left. You are part of our family and i really appreciate all that you have done. Stay strong static.

Sully: You are really DEDICATED to the chat and the people here. Never view yourself as ugly, because you aren’t. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways, and that is no different for you. Many people find you attractive, even with your shirt on, so don’t feel down.

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