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Play Ghost Hacker Ghost Hacker Oct. 25, 2010
We all know TDs are the bomb, and this is no exception. well, it is exceptionally good even for it's genre. Well thought out, actual story line (could have done with even a tad more dialogue perhaps), very balanced in terms of money and difficulty (which is actually so much more difficult to achieve than it seems), as well as sick graphics that aren't overbearing. One quiff, however - I feel as though a lot of the variety of the actual towers is lost because one can more or less emulate most any of them with the upgrades, and you just end up with something along the lines of three multi-shot splash towers that do a lot of damage, regardless of what you build in the first place. Maybe each tower has an original ability that can't be replicated with upgrades? Or even like certain types of towers work especially well with different colours of upgrades? A lot to do, i know. but otherwise, fantastic game! 5/5! wow, long post :]
Play Apokalyx Apokalyx Oct. 23, 2010
The only significant difference between the races is their skills, that are hardly affected by playstyle. Although a great attribute system, i would like to see more development in personalised game play, so your choices when levelling actually make a difference.
Play Undead Highway Undead Highway Oct. 11, 2010
awkward when you beat it in under 10 minutes...
Play Monster Slayers Monster Slayers Oct. 07, 2010
Sick game - i love the design, and how you can customise individual heroes. ties in perfectly with vertical drop heroes. What could be improved, however, is maybe when you exchange one of your current heroes, you get a % of the money you spent of him, so you don't have to work it all up again? Or maybe also somewhere you can put your heroes you don't want to use, but don't want to sell either? other than that, amazing! 5/5