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4 Differences

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Jan. 31, 2016

Rating: 48

ALL CLUES REVEALED! ---Will not work on I.E., so don't even try--- (PARKING): Parking, Moon, Plane, Steeple.. (DINER): 2 on Sign, Shooting Star, Tower.. (HOUSE): Poop, Upper Branch, Pole, Long Window.. (GIRAFFE): Bird, Door, Light, Panel next to middle door.. (POWER BUTTON BUILDING): Button, Bird, "and", Cloud.. (DoNotSIGN): Zeit, Fence, Pole, Line.. (WINDMILLS): 1st Windmill, Cloud, Peak, Hills.. (INK BLOT): Outer Dot, Top Large Cluster, Gap in Outer Band, Upper Outside Spray.. (Hi=) BUILDING): Wire, Window, Ladder, "Rise" Graffiti.. (TRAIN): Orange Tank, Car, Graffiti, Dark Train Cart.. (TREE): 2 Thick Branches in upper middle, Outside Middle Branch, Dark Cluster at center divider.. (TRAFFIC): Arrow, Light, Pole, Cloud..

Cursed Treasure 2

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Nov. 30, 2015

Rating: 5

I am a long time fan of the series, and I beat the first 2 releases several times each out of sheer enjoyment. This version was an overall disappointment, though: having to manually collect coins and mana (often overlapped by scrolls) is tedious, and I also preferred the old art style. However, my biggest issue is with the game breaking lag, which I've experienced across multiple computers. It isn't long before I start to get the Spinning Rainbow Wheel of Death, and the further into the game I play, the more often it appears. It's still a good game, even if not quite up to snuff... I just wish it played as well on here as it does on iOS! As is, these are Kong badges that I could easily enjoy getting but I never will :(

Demons vs Fairyland

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Aug. 28, 2015

Rating: 9

I LOVE this game... The style, music, graphics, humor, gameplay, upgrades, achievements, gear (iOS)... everything. It makes me wish that we could earn points for duplicate badges on Kongregate, as I've beaten this game several times on Kong. Not to mention ArmorGames and iOS. The only thing that makes this short of *absolutely perfect* is the fact that it ended.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

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Mar. 07, 2013

Rating: 3

EBF3 got one of the easiest 5 star ratings I've ever given on Kong... EBF4 got the fastest. Much anticipated, and doesn't disappoint. Thanks, Kupo :)

Meat Boy

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Mar. 03, 2013

Rating: 4

Controls are just waaaaay too sensitive. There is no way to make subtle movements in this game, which is, frankly, something I'm usually pretty damn good at ;)


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Feb. 28, 2013

Rating: 5

Keeping track of who is wearing/wielding what is way harder than it should be. At the very least, make items currently being used show up faded, or otherwise marked. It's nice to be able to compare all items, but once your items begin stacking up, it is easy to have gear that isn't even being used & not know it. Other than this and the atrocious gradual lag/memory leak issue, I actually really like this game. The artwork is fantastic, and the gameplay is fun... I just wish I could rate it higher than 3 stars! If the aforementioned problems are resolved, my rating will change for the better.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

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Jan. 16, 2013

Rating: 15

One of the easiest 5-star ratings I've ever given on Kong, and I don't give them away lightly! <3 Thank you, Kupo707! :)

Adventure Story

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Jan. 07, 2013

Rating: 2

... I don't understand why my previous comment was dissected o.O The last line referenced beeble2003's top comment. It made me lol XD.

Adventure Story

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Jan. 07, 2013

Rating: 2

This is probably the worst of all Kupo707's games here... & it's very good ;) Kudos to Kupo! I absolutely love your work d at your top comment XD

Hack Slash Crawl

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Dec. 30, 2012

Rating: 3

(Sigh) Naturally, the game froze just as I was defeating the boss at the end of *Floor 14*. I can still make (& see) the HP/WP bars depleting/filling, so it's not a complete freeze... but it may as well be. The combat is at a standstill & completely out of my control. Save feature, please! Also an ability to key toggle a couple of armor sets/weapons would be nice.

Sonny 2

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Dec. 27, 2012

Rating: 5

Please let us see a window with stats on corresponding equipped items when viewing items in our inventory. Going back & forth (over & over...) b/w equipped and unequipped items to determine which to use is getting frustrating. I'd like to be able to compare items side-by-side with ease!

Berzerk Ball 2

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Dec. 24, 2012

Rating: 1

it cut off my comment! My comment below is from ShadowLover, and I gave her credit for it :( I also said that this game is alright, and the artwork is excellent, but the general feel of the comments here will give you the right idea: This game has some obvious faults & could be much better.

Berzerk Ball 2

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Dec. 24, 2012

Rating: -1

*sees intro with nerd flying around with out sound* ... wtf... is it broken again..? *turns up sound as loud as it goes* ........ well damn i- *berzerkStudio logo pops up screaming* HOLY SHI- *falls out of chair* WHAT THE FU- *computer falls on me*

Evilgeddon Spooky Max

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Nov. 28, 2012

Rating: -3

2.5/5 Stars. There are just too many flaws to earn 4+ from me. It's unfortunate, because it should be a very good game. I like the weaps & upgrades, & shooting zombies is always fun :) However, the difficulty increases FAR too rapidly... made worse by the fact that the movement keys (esp. left/right) stop working for 1-2 secs occasionally... & why on earth does the magnet upgrade only affect coins? It's immensely frustrating to be right next to a weapon that you desperately need, but since you're surrounded by monsters, you can't get to it. But even that, imo, isn't as bad as the fact that hitting the Space Bar doesn't CYCLE through to the next weapon you're holding (as it should), but instead you *LOSE* the weapon you skip over (e.g. hitting space twice to get to weap #2 causes you to lose weap #1)!!!!! Other issues have already been mentioned in the comments, so I hope you guys over at FBStudios are listening. This game could be much better with just a few changes.