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Blackmyst Quotes

deasta: I wanted to be the tumor
deasta: but noooooooooo
deasta: I’m an armpit
deasta: damn, that can be quoted now ;-;
squire0100: 別れ遅らせる!
CrowCane: CAW!
Telo1: Mel. Don’t change the subject. Why’d you say “wow Finn”? xD
samuro2: When the **** is it 5/7/2013
CrowCane: EWWW IT’S SAM! :D
samuro2: i’ll ban every single account on that game just for fun
mexicano12345678: PI
samuro2: sonic, i didn’t use 2 accounts.
ZeroJam: Interesting
samuro2: i used 4.
Telo1: 3.14159265.
Telo1: That’s as far as I know. :P
samuro2: doing it without getting caught is hard
SonicOkami: It’s considered cheating.
samuro2: The internet is cheating.
GamerNationFilms: That didn’t make sense sam _
CrowCane: i iz leets haxsor
JoshinatorKY: god damnit stupid swordfish making me think it was a shark
fireblade163: IT IS NOW TIME TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD or destroy it one of the two
CrowCane: #0****s
GamerNationFilms: I’m older than you, and I like legos…
Vonreaper: SAM!! pokes
samuro2: von!
samuro2: pokes back
mexicano12345678: Von Weasel of the Mammal Clan
samuro2: gamer that’s cool, but sadly i don’t play legos anymore
Vonreaper: pokes her stomach im getting blondies for dinner!
DarkDemon515: I still loved Legos when I was 15.
DarkDemon515: Aren’t you 13?
samuro2: 15
GamerNationFilms: There’s a damn sniper over there! “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
DarkDemon515: Lol.
H_E_X_A_G_O_N: They’re going to set off the bomb in the Pentagon! “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
theodd: I could’ve easily used my phone to track him down.
samuro2: your subconscious works in many ways
samuro2: psh, sweden is terrible
samuro2: stealing stuff from cars
Telo1: People steal things everywhere. ..
mexicano12345678: San, stop dissing people’s places.
samuro2: you should’ve came to america
samuro2: 廣州話, 廣府話
SonicOkami: You need to change the picture anyway.
MissyLove4563: omg im on google!?
samuro2: A really, white wall?
SonicOkami: It’s not appropriate for Kong.
samuro2: nope
StrawberryWhale: It made me laugh a lot, and yes “you” are
ninjer020: explicit like i said
MissyLove4563: ok ill change it when I can
samuro2: you can now
MissyLove4563: no I cant
samuro2: why not?
StrawberryWhale: Don’t you have other pictures of yourself?
MissyLove4563: i have no other pic
samuro2: just get a random pic from google
StrawberryWhale: hmmm.
ninjer020: then use kong pics
samuro2: it doesn’t have to be of you
samuro2: just put a picture of ****ign nothing if you want
samuro2: or put a sample picture on from your computer
SonicOkami: Well the administration will ask you to remove it if the report is accurate.
MissyLove4563: lol why is it inappropriate?
StrawberryWhale: The boobs
ninjer020: the mostly nakedness
SonicOkami: You can’t show nudity or partial nudity.
StrawberryWhale: they boobs hanging out
MissyLove4563: ohhhhh….. ill change my shirt. brb
samuro2: missy..
samuro2: you’re 13
StrawberryWhale: ….
samuro2: have a little respect for yourself
ninjer020: dont become a common street whore
StrawberryWhale: yes, please.
samuro2: or a common kong whore
GamerNationFilms: Go on getthehelloutofblackmyst.com. That’s a good one.
valrossen: xD
Contracode2299: Lol!
valrossen: indeed, i go there every once in a while
mexicano12345678: Wrong url, get me a new one.
valrossen: to see if i should indeed leave blackmyst for the day
hmtaylo: i tried that place out once, they’ll let anyone in there it seems
TofuShofu: Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas… Stop. Now make them mother****in prices drop
Zedzero2: Wobble-dy wobble-dy wa wobble wobbleI’m st-stacking my paper my wallet look like a bibleI got girlies half naked that shit look like the grottoHow your waist anorexic and then your a$$ is colossal
MajorRez: I am Zero’s evil twin brother >:)
valrossen: i never said i love every random stranger ^^
valrossen: i did however point out that i may with that particular person :3
valrossen: dunno about you though akru :o no offense, but you just seem like you want to start a fight or so xD
Paulverizer11: Well, she’s sixteen.
ZeroJam: Daayyyumm shes old
Paulverizer11: But she’s my baby. :3
Laklod: Emma is 512% boobs
EmmaSaysDuh: Sorry guys, reading Cyanide & Happiness strips.
EmmaSaysDuh: Wait
EmmaSaysDuh: Why was Lak talking about my boobs? .
CountryGrammar: Emma’s reading. Quick. Take a picture.
Akrucious: What a coincidence, I got my penis pierced last night.
Akrucious: Whenever I get a blowjob now, my penis whistles.
FallenBloodAngel: I’ll call you on Ksype.
Laklod: Zero
Laklod: Dat ass is fine.
Akrucious: ZeroJam
Akrucious: Stop sending porn!
ZeroJam: Its not pron
ZeroJam: Its Donkey Kong
OptimalMoose: Donkey Kong sounds like porn to me.
Akrucious: Likewise.
Telo1: That’s not good. :o
Baushi: … Donkey Kong is not porn
Akrucious: Donky Kong sounds like either a weird Mexican sex show, or a sex move.
ZeroJam: lol
Akrucious: The first pornographic material I’ve ever seen was of Link getting molested by Mario.
Akrucious: I’m not THAT ****ed up.
MajorRez: HELL NO
Missyyum58: “Go To Hell, for Heaven’s Sake”
TofuShofu: Sometimes, I like to rock out with my cock out.
Missyyum58: .-. Seems like a nice song
TofuShofu: But other times I just funk out with my junk out.
MajorRez: Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Ehh! I am the Handyman Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh I am the Handyman Eh Eh Eh EH EH EH EHEEHHEHEHEHEHHEHEHE
Telo1: Probably full of positive adjectives, Mel.
MajorRez: I am, the handyman!
Akrucious: I’m the footyman.
TofuShofu: Go ot heaven, so I don’t have to see you in hell.
Telo1: And what have I said about being up-side down, hmm? >:I
Shadic06: あなたのすべての単一のものではウジです!
Obama: デートレイプは合法であるべき
Taking my pants off, I AM O V E R H E A T I N G
Lucentwish: too much viagara

SonicOkami: You know, just once i want to see a news story where someone was arrested in Madagascar cursing it for closing down during a virus outbreak.
ZeroJam: LOL
SanctumRepublic: XD
Lucentwish: flying photoshop poseidon
SanctumRepublic: O.o
SanctumRepublic: Dammit!!!!!
SanctumRepublic: Madagascar!!!!!!!!!!
Lucentwish: k
Baushi: She isn’t impressed there’s water all over the window sill
Baushi: Well.. rain
SanctumRepublic: Who?
Baushi: Cat
SanctumRepublic: Oh
noahx44: Who doesn’t start their usernames with capital letters! that’s just ****ing stupid…
Lucentwish: u
noahx44: …
SanctumRepublic: you don;t
SanctumRepublic: don’t*
noahx44: I made this 3 years ago
Bman255: I saw a sign somewhere that said “water on road during rain.” I facepalmed.
SanctumRepublic: XD Hahaha
noahx44: I changed my rules of grammar on the internet recently .
SonicOkami: Ah, my three favorite metals.
noahx44: XD Bman
Lucentwish: good shit
SonicOkami: Coopery, Tinnery, and Irony.
SanctumRepublic: Oh the ironing.
noahx44: XD Bman
SanctumRepublic: :P
noahx44: XD Bman… XD Bman
Bman255: What?..
Baushi: Gtfo Noah
SanctumRepublic: Lol
noahx44: sulks and gtfos
Baushi: Hurry up or I’m gonna shove a pilon where the sun often shines with you
Lucentwish: did someone said goat
noahx44: GTFOs faster
Baushi: Nope
Dubstepking01: O.O
Bman255: Wouldn’t it be GsTFO?
noahx44: GTFOs faster
Lucentwish: goat the **** out?
Baushi: You wanna be next Bman?
SanctumRepublic: Baus, don’t do it!
Bman255: Well, I have to go eat soon anyways, so shrugs
noahx44: Got The Fan Out
Bman255: Get the Lead Out.
Baushi: not tat.
Baushi: The pilon.
Baushi: that
SonicOkami: You must construct additional pylons.
Bman255: ^
Bman255: I was about to say that .-.
Baushi: I have as many of those as you have of mute buttons
noahx44: XD
SonicOkami: Never played the game ever, but i know the saying.
Bman255: What if I don’t have any mute buttons.
Baushi: Well, you’re a mod
Baushi: Makes sense
Bman255: I was just playing it, Sonic.
Bman255: So you have none.
Baushi: Well they’re all within Noah now
Baushi: So yes, I have none.
Bman255: I’m sorry, Noah…
SonicOkami: Hand me the mute buttons, i have an experiment i want to try.
Baushi: No! It’s my mute button!
Baushi: You can’t have it!
SonicOkami: Trust me, it’s worth it.
Dubstepking01: lol
Bman255: But waaaaaaaaaaai.
Baushi: Shhh you don’t have one
noahx44: :I
SonicOkami: This experiment will make mankind better, i promise.
Lucentwish: theorem 1 the goat must eat grass therefore jesus ride boats
Baushi: Is it going to irl pick people up and drop them in a well?
noahx44: …
Baushi: Cause if it doesn’t, it ain’t worth it
SonicOkami: No, but it may cause them to jump into the well by choice.
Baushi: Not as much fun
Baushi: I like when they go screaming.
SonicOkami: Too bad, i already took them anyway.
SanctumRepublic: Little jimmy fell down the well?!?!
Baushi: NO!!!
SonicOkami: Just make a little adjustment here…
Bman255: Wells aren’t fun :\
SonicOkami: Duct tape this…
SonicOkami: and…
Bman255: I found out the hard way.
Baushi: That was my mute button.. ;n;
SonicOkami: Ta-da! The first ever television remote control with 65 buttons, all of them mute!
Baushi: I raised it from a baby ;n;
Dubstepking01: …
Bman255: You should be proud of it.
Bman255: It’s all grown up now.
Baushi: At least I got the bad song out of my head
Dubstepking01: ………..
Bman255: What song?
ZeroJam: ll
ZeroJam: lol
Baushi: It’s not appropriate for chat :|
Bman255: .-.
Lucentwish: star spangled banner?
Dubstepking01: lol
ZeroJam: Mods get the better package of the mute only button
TrophyMaster: Hey guys, what’s up.
ZeroJam: They have the silence and ban buttons
Baushi: They can’t abuse them though.
Bman255: ^
TrophyMaster: Nope, they’d lose them if they did.
ZeroJam: But they do have the report button
Bman255: Well we COULD.
Bman255: But it would be a very bad idea.
Lucentwish: why not its fun
ZeroJam: They could but they would be impeached
ZeroJam: Of modship
TrophyMaster: Well, if you only did it a few times to people not in the same rooms as you, then you could probably get away with it.
Bman255: If you got modded, you probably don’t think that way.
TrophyMaster: True.
Lucentwish: you think you can live to see the day that i get modded
Lucentwish: i cant even live to see that day myself
Baushi: I don’t think kong will still exist when hell freezes over
ZeroJam: lol
TrophyMaster: Or when it thaws out again >.>
mexicano12345678: C’mon boy, touch mah body. Oops, I mean girl, girl, girl.
Study Hall Quotes
AerePerennius: Bye.
ZeroJam: HI
lethalnot12: oh..
lethalnot12: kills myself

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