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Play Robots Initiate Work Sequence Robots Initiate Work Sequence Oct. 01, 2014
Sorry for the doublepost, but I should say that it does in fact seem like the timer doesn't begin until the first order is given. My apologies. As far as graphical glitches go, refreshing the page fixes them.
Play Robots Initiate Work Sequence Robots Initiate Work Sequence Oct. 01, 2014
What this game really needs is the ability to pause and still be able to see the level, so you can look over everything and plan what needs to be done first. In a game where time is what gets you a higher rating, I feel like that is something that needs to be implemented. Either that, or the timer doesn't start until you issue your first order. Other than that, it's a solid little puzzle game. I also encountered 2 bugs, both of which seem to involve the speed shrine. The animations on pretty much everything spaz out completely, and it deactivating or activating while a bot was collecting caused him to never complete, and by the end of the level he was 2100% done with collecting batteries. Fix things here and there and you could have a solid puzzle game.
Play Elements Elements Jul. 04, 2012
@Calindu To be fair, the game was like that at one point. I forget when or why it was changed, but I'm sure there was some balance reasoning behind it somewhere. Either that or Zanz thought EM'ing was too easy.
Play Elements Elements Jun. 05, 2012
@chickenmaybite I think he meant all upped cards would be made unupped for the matches.
Play Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! May. 31, 2012
Cougar, all towers as far as I understand.
Play Elements Elements Feb. 10, 2012
getoom, monsters with higher attack not only lose #of attacks, but the damage will decrease every hit. It helps prevent monsters with 9 or such attack do 20+ damage easily. I've found that atk 3 is the best for adren.
Play Proke Proke Feb. 06, 2012
Suma, I've noticed that as you get around the 12-16 combo mark, the endings or beginnings will swap, most likely to prevent things like -ing from becoming the highest score factor.
Play Elements Elements Oct. 26, 2011
John, you really cant play the game without farming. Unless you change decks every match, you really could be considered farming. Everyone does it. I'm not sure if you mean how they only farm, never pvp, that shouldn't be too much of a problem. @qaz What I'd like is the option to link 2 accounts, but have the choice of keeping the Elements or Kong account data.
Play Dwarven Miner Dwarven Miner Oct. 21, 2011
As others said, yes it definitely needs more. Currently the only strategy is dig, find rock you can't dig through, go further to the side, move more over, find some ore, return when backpack is full or when out of wood. I don't know if mobs would fit quite yet, but yeah, lava/water pits would be cool. Some more explanation, and knowing quite what leveling up does would be nice (If it does anything). Maybe the ability to hire workers to lower cost of wood, or construct buildings that would generate money or wood over time, like a lumber mill or a bank. I don't think it would have to be anything complicated. Maybe at higher levels you could take one space without wood and it wouldn't cave in. Just some suggestions, right now I'd give it a 3/5. With some additions it could be great.
Play Elements Elements Oct. 21, 2011
@Baragor, was that really necessary at all? You could have simply said that you didn't like the suggestion. Personally, I think it makes you look worse than Scorpion, who doesn't really look that bad at all. He's just new to it it seems. Maybe instead of bashing you could actually help. @Scorpion Yeah, it's a problem many fans of the game have. :P Also, if you could, please try to refrain from double commenting. Try to think through everything you want to say before posting, as unfortunately there is no edit button in the comments section. (There should be)
Play Elements Elements Oct. 08, 2011
@Scorpion, you can only get shards from fighting FG's or the arena as far as I know. (Maybe HB's, not sure)
Play HD Spectrum HD Spectrum Sep. 30, 2011
@ Mecheng It all depends on the type of deck you want to build. I find that having some buildings or ships that use energy can help with surplus. Put lots of energy generation for decks you want to hit quickly, and less if you want to use the slots for something else. It's all about the type of deck you want to build.
Play Elements Elements Sep. 28, 2011
@ plucie: Try changing your deck. 60 card decks are a bit big unless you know what you're doing. I'd suggest checking the forums for some small decks. Otherwise, try to keep deck size around the 30-40 mark. As per any deck, try switching out a couple cards, playing a few matches, and keep switching until you find something you like.
Play Elements Elements Sep. 17, 2011
@FrostBolter: Pvp should be locked until you've beaten the 500 score quest, as it seems as though many new people to this game go to pvp 1 and 2, and are then completely demolished. Try to stick to AI's 1 and 3 until you have a sound idea of what all the cards are, and some combos and counters. Pvp is full of "broken" decks, ones that have been there since the beginning, and will most likely stay, as they've been proven to work well. I try to avoid pvp unless doing a duel.
Play Hidden Dimensions Hidden Dimensions Aug. 22, 2011
2Toxic, As there can only be 4, They shouldn't be that much of a problem. Usually, you can get away with avoiding them, use turrets and Ability Cards to take them out. Against the Xyloxi, don't let them build up, as they can heal and cover eachother well enough. If you can, shut down the generators, as most of them are relatively expensive. I find that in most matches, if you can get enough support ships out, you can keep up a wall of smaller ships that easily beats some of the larger ones.
Play Bullet Car Bullet Car Jul. 27, 2011
Prime, I thought that was a llama. May be wrong, though.
Play Quadrus Quadrus Jul. 27, 2011
Stolen. The original is already here. Flagged.
Developer response from Chiizuka

Hi Ziarn. Our company has bought this game from that person as an exclusive, I work for Keygames Network. Dind’t knew it was already online with our branding/api in it, thanks. :) (I think my colleague has also put it online already, if this is the other version you are talking about)

Play PitSweeper PitSweeper Jul. 25, 2011
Easy enough, was killed on my first try when I attemted to take on a sentry with my reaper bane. Although, on the 2nd try, the 1st spot I revealed was a sentry. Maybe like the first couple turns you can't reveal monsters? Just something that could help prevent unnavoidable death in 2 turns.
Play Elements Elements Jun. 29, 2011
He means he's been playing since one month AFTER it came out. Not one month total. Also, he's saying grow up as in be more mature, and not act like a little kid. Thank you and have a nice day.
Play Elements Elements Jun. 29, 2011
You continue to come back. Really. And he's the one that doesn't have a life? He's been playing for a couple years at the least. Level 16 isn't high, but it's higher than 13. I'll never understand why people like you pester and say others have no life, when you continue to come back.