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Play Mountain Cat Mountain Cat Jul. 23, 2011
Haha, epic backstory. Something about the momentum with the jumping made me feel like I was pouncing on everything. :D
Play Minerbot Minerbot May. 07, 2011
I like it! Getting caught on spent collectors can be a little frustrating, though
Play p.i.g p.i.g May. 07, 2011
Oops, sorry about the bug when respawning upside down. It's fixed now! Thanks for the quick reports =D
Play endeavor endeavor Dec. 11, 2010
I posted a link to the full map of the game in the instructions section. Feel free to download it if you get stuck!
Play endeavor endeavor Dec. 09, 2010
Hi everyone! Hope you're liking the game! It seems like a lot of people would like to see a map for the game. I'm not able to put one ingame, but I could create an image file of the map that people could download if they wanted to. Is this something anyone would be interested in?
Play Dungeon Developer Dungeon Developer Dec. 09, 2010
A very unique game, and definitely worth playing. A few suggestions: Some of the gameplay elements don't seem to have a very big impact on the game- without visible stats it's hard to decide if items are worth buying (selling?). There's also some unclear optimization- do I really want to send my adventurers back when they're at 50%/33% health? Etc. Without any clear day limit, it's exploitable to repeatedly start and stop a day to gain money; perhaps a minimum time (such as 1 adventurer exiting the dungeon) might alleviate this.
Play endeavor endeavor Dec. 08, 2010
Hey! Sorry about the rough start guys, I accidentally flipped a boolean for the Kongregate version of this game! The swimming bug is fixed now!
Play Battleshapes Battleshapes Sep. 25, 2010
I liked this. Well done. It was a little tedious to have to repeatedly press the spacebar, holding it didn't work for me.
Play Contraband Contraband Sep. 25, 2010
Not bad. It's a neat idea, and is a interesting take on minesweeper.
Play VVVVVV Demo VVVVVV Demo Jan. 12, 2010
I really enjoyed this game... looking forward to the full version
Play run.don't.stop run.don't.stop Jan. 03, 2010
If the game isn't loading, try getting the latest flash player from adobe.com. To skip the few few seconds of writing in the credits, press the spacebar =)
Play run.don't.stop run.don't.stop Jan. 03, 2010
The browser freezing bug has been fixed. I'm really sorry for letting that slip through in the last update!
Play run.don't.stop run.don't.stop Jan. 03, 2010
I'm sorry for the browser freezing bug caused by running left! This is really embarrassing. I'll fix it when I get a chance in the morning.
Play run.don't.stop run.don't.stop Dec. 31, 2009
Thanks for playing everyone! This was an amazingly unexpected success for my first finished game, made possible by everyone who played and enjoyed it!
Play run.don't.stop run.don't.stop Dec. 23, 2009
Thanks for all the comments! I'm glad you guys like it. It's my first published flash game, and I've got my next one in the works =D FYI, the distance achievements are cumulative between all games. They're the hardest and take a long time, but you'll get them eventually!
Play run.don't.stop run.don't.stop Dec. 22, 2009
Everyone's name is in the credits, it's your kongregate id. Thanks for playing =D
Play run.don't.stop run.don't.stop Dec. 22, 2009
The core expands constantly, and as the planet gets bigger it takes longer and longer to escape the core. Press spacebar to open the shop when you're near the ship ('shop available' should appear in the upper right hand corner). Naelwyn, I'll look into the achievement issue, but your score did submit, looks like you got 43587 points. I think you have to refresh the page to see it. Thanks for playing everyone!
Play Entropy Entropy Dec. 22, 2009
This is a great strategy game! Certainly a fun time, and very well made. 5/5
Play Microbe Chain Microbe Chain Dec. 19, 2009
well done, especially for your third entry in the contest. great music.
Play Kawairun Kawairun Dec. 19, 2009
Everyone is in the credits, it uses your kongregate name =D