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Play Scope Scope Jul. 25, 2011
I agree with hercludes...nerdook's games have flaws and people still love them for some reason....
Play Portal: The Flash Version Portal: The Flash Version Jul. 12, 2011
level 38 is extremely easy.......
Play Poop Warz Poop Warz Jul. 06, 2011
The gameplay is shit. The idea is shit. Overall..... this is shit. Also, what is the thing you are playing as?
Play The Shit Hit The Fan The Shit Hit The Fan Jul. 06, 2011
I wish i had a urinal in my bedroom...
Play Grilled Octopus and Pepper Salad Grilled Octopus and Pepper Salad Jul. 06, 2011
Well this just made me want to go and start cooking some grilled octopus and pepper salad......
Play Quietus Quietus Jun. 23, 2011
This is game gets really challenging, but it's still fun..5/5
Play Transformice Transformice Jun. 01, 2011
what's the fullscreen link?
Play Pogo Rampage Pogo Rampage May. 28, 2011
the game would be better if there were in game achievements or stuff like that i could try to get...this game gets boring fast...
Play Transformice Transformice May. 24, 2011
well lava looks like lava now :P
Play Transformice Transformice May. 05, 2011
i would suggest that if 2 or more ppl get the same time they should tie for whatever place they got...
Play Transformice Transformice May. 01, 2011
@gogo599 You need more eggs
Play Transformice Transformice Apr. 24, 2011
@LauraxRawR The server is rebooting or something like that
Play Hot Girls - Puzzles Hot Girls - Puzzles Apr. 11, 2011
Most of them aren't that hot :\
Play Formula Racer Formula Racer Apr. 06, 2011
Why do games that are below a 4.10, like this one, get badges while other games that are above that rating don't get badges? I find those "other games" to be better than this one, but they still don't get badges :P
Play Back to the Cubeture (1) Back to the Cubeture (1) Apr. 06, 2011
if you right click, it says "visit the edible castle" .....
Play Reactance Reactance Mar. 14, 2011
I now see why the hard badge is 14 levels without being hit instead of 15
Play The Gun Game 2 The Gun Game 2 Mar. 05, 2011
@eatdust12 The heavy weapons are 100 times better
Play FPA: Sneak Peek FPA: Sneak Peek Mar. 04, 2011
I got 523,000 + points in challenge, but then i fell through the floor and i restarted the challenge room T__T
Play The Gun Game 2 The Gun Game 2 Feb. 25, 2011
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Play de Blob 2 Revolution de Blob 2 Revolution Feb. 20, 2011
Tags "Point and Click" "kids" "Emo". . . .?