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Play Take Something Literally Take Something Literally Dec. 27, 2013
You're my hero(ness?) Emeraldhunter!
Play Strand Strand Dec. 02, 2013
The bending conception made this game exceptinally good, I really loved playing it! The last few levels were quite challenging :)
Play Barons Gate Barons Gate Oct. 05, 2013
This is so much alike that zombotron, it's awesome! :) that game was my favourite platformer in the past, so good to see another game with a same(?) engine and similar graphics :)
Play N (Official Web Version) N (Official Web Version) May. 22, 2013
I played this game on some random online game site, I'm so freakin' happy to see this on kongregate! Especially that Z for jump if finally can be modified :) (qwertz keyboard, it's not so conforting to jump with Z )
Play ... :D ... :D May. 22, 2013
It's so minimalistic, it's so good. I don't know what was the last time i actually cheered over a game like this (last level finished with reds being right behind me :D ) It was one of the oldish- YYESSS! moments :)
Play Urbex Urbex Apr. 25, 2013
Maybe an option for turning subtitles on for the tape records would be good. Overall, great game!
Play Jeweltasia Jeweltasia Apr. 15, 2013
I thought this is just another match-3 game, but I waas quite surprised at the dropping-concept. The objective system also nice, it's really good to see that there are more, not only clear X gems in Y time. The get the sphere to the bottom levels are my favourites so far, you need some planning with them.
Developer response from grainsalt

Thanks for the feedback and your surprise :) Yes, I got a little bored of the usual "clear this" game and hopefully it's just that little different.

Play Hostage Crisis Hostage Crisis Mar. 06, 2013
OracleYori, if you look closer the explosive is wielded on the character's back.
Play Bubble Sky Bubble Sky Mar. 05, 2013
I've gave 2/5 just because I like the ORIGINAL game. But this is just a heap of bugs and badly planned game. It's a shame it got achievements and even got to the featured games.
Play Bubble Sky Bubble Sky Mar. 05, 2013
I don't understand this, I got perfect at least 3-hit comboes, and still new wave of balls arrive. What on earth should I do, when I'm being punished for playing good?3rd level is bexond me. Also, why is that sometimes I got the info about how the ball will bounce, then the other time no?
Play Strike Force Heroes Strike Force Heroes Feb. 18, 2013
Hey, I really meant it I get only a black screen instead of the game , while on notdoppler the game loads. I'm not just messing around (prev. comment got downvoted-7...I were just asking for help), please, if you have any idea, or solution to it let me know.
Play Strike Force Heroes Strike Force Heroes Feb. 18, 2013
Any ideas why I only get a black screen instead of the game?
Play City Siege 4: Alien Siege City Siege 4: Alien Siege Nov. 25, 2012
I had to mute it, before I start whistle the repeating music for days non-stop. Also, R.I.P. spy. But at least now I have to fight a little :P
Play Rogue Soul Rogue Soul Oct. 25, 2012
Best game I played in the last weeks. The no upgrade system is good, you need to learn the patterns and have good reaction time to play good. Also, if sequel is in future plans, adding a chechpoint would be good. (personally having trouble with the 2-black-captains-in-1-game loot)
Play Rogue Soul Rogue Soul Oct. 20, 2012
Really strange first that you have only a few doublejumps. And I needed about 1 hour to figure out you can slide under some gates. But yes, this is possible, and it's actually quite fun, jumping around throwing knives and giving flowers to beautiful damsels :3
Developer response from SoulGame

Glad you finally enjoyed it !

Play Shape Fold Shape Fold Sep. 28, 2012
Really unique idea, and have possibility to scale from easy to quite hard levels, loved it!
Play City Siege 3: Jungle Siege City Siege 3: Jungle Siege Sep. 25, 2012
Sadly, but I have to join to Cassten111, I've played about 15 levels two times in the previous 24 hours, and nothing is saved. I use Chrome, and I did not delete any cookies, history, anything. It DID save sometime in the past, but something is not correct now, maybe with my browser. If anything confronted this problem and found a solution please let me know it! :) Cheers!
Play Unreal Flash 3 Unreal Flash 3 Sep. 11, 2012
My progress and profile is cleared every single time I leave the site, anyone has an idea why is this happening?
Play Jelly Escape Jelly Escape Jun. 30, 2012
Lvl 42 is incredibly hard to do without dying, every single time the slime just slides more then intended and dies :(
Play King's Game King's Game Jun. 14, 2012
Should be a button to cancel the shot - I wanted to drag a map, but instead ending up charging the cannon and I had to shoot with no vision.