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Play Mystic Knight Mystic Knight Jan. 26, 2015
The "Go" voice got on my nerves pretty quickly. Any time you try to loot it goes off, and it just sounds bad.
Play Candlejack Simulat- Candlejack Simulat- Jan. 25, 2015
People always forget that you have to say Candlejack's name for him to-
Play Imperator - For Rome! Imperator - For Rome! Jan. 16, 2015
I agree with ketzu 100% everything here just moves way too slowly.
Play Boomerang Chang Boomerang Chang Jan. 12, 2015
This is a cool concept, but jumpers that come from the left just ruin the entire game. 3/5 for concept alone.
Play HareLaunch HareLaunch Jan. 12, 2015
I pressed S right as I hit the ground and I got stuck bouncing about half a centimeter up and down. Had to refresh, lost all progress. This is a great start but you need saves.
Play We Are All Going To Die We Are All Going To Die Jan. 07, 2015
Thanks for the hint dev, I sat here for a good hour trying to figure out what I was missing. Avoiding spoilers since it was fun unraveling it all, but I attempted it once and apparently missed.
Developer response from brwarner

No problem! Glad you enjoyed it.

Play We Are All Going To Die We Are All Going To Die Jan. 06, 2015
I've done everything I can think of, I've talked to everybody after they left the mess hall, and I know the stabaliser is missing, but I can't find a 3rd item for the bar on the right. Is there a 3rd item?
Developer response from brwarner

There is. Someone in the mess hall has it, and there exists a way (although drastic) to make them drop it.

Play Minos' Maze Minos' Maze Jan. 06, 2015
Even without the minotaur there are so many enemies it seems the only way to beat it is to 1. Memorize the map and 2. Get lucky enemy spawns so that you can get to a sword shard without dying.
Play War Pong War Pong Jan. 06, 2015
Was the bikini girl really necessary? I mean the game would have been fine without it, it seems rather idiotic to just make the thumbnail for your game "tits".
Developer response from MarcoAureliP

The thumbnail was already changed. Thanks for your comment!

Play Zombie Derby Zombie Derby Jan. 03, 2015
Yay a developer that listens to criticism. This game pretty damn fun, the only flaw was the fuel imo, and without it this game is great.
Developer response from BrineMedia

Fuel removed. Enjoy game!

Play Zombie Derby Zombie Derby Jan. 03, 2015
This game was great until you told me to pay for gas, completely ruined the game.
Developer response from BrineMedia

Gas removed (consumables). Enjoy the game!

Play Deep State Deep State Jan. 03, 2015
The mechanics give the illusion of more layers than there actually are.
Play Nothing You Have Done Deserves Such Praise Nothing You Have Done Deserves Such Praise Jan. 02, 2015
Should be renamed "Kim Jong-un Simulator 2015" 10/10
Play I Dont Even Game I Dont Even Game Jan. 02, 2015
Why was this uploaded?
Play Planet Splitters Planet Splitters Jan. 01, 2015
I don't understand what the 1x 10x and 50x buttons mean, and it is not explained anywhere I can find. What do they do?
Developer response from Foulklore

It's the number of mines placed per click.

Play R.I.P OFF R.I.P OFF Jan. 01, 2015
The gameplay is poorly explained. Aside from that gor the amount of time spent on it it is pretty good.
Play Para/Verse Para/Verse Dec. 29, 2014
Great concept, poorly executed.
Play Epic Creature Hunter I Epic Creature Hunter I Dec. 27, 2014
Is it possible to get past Final Phoenix 155? Even my crits deal 0 damage against this much armor.
Play XYZ XYZ Dec. 27, 2014
First few objects I was a bit confused, then I held W&D at the same time and realized they were 3D objects the entire time and it made sense.
Play Vectagon Vectagon Dec. 27, 2014
This is one of the highest quality games I have seen in months, the fact it has such a low rating is proof this website is dying a slow idle and social gaming death.
Developer response from ataxkt

Thanks! I'm pretty agreed on Kong though, every time I come back here I'm slightly more worried about the platform. I used to come here every day as a kid to play Flash games.