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Play Solipskier Solipskier Aug. 12, 2010
You should all know the 200,000,000+ scores are by cheaters. As of this posting y0ttbyte is the one true Solipskier. (we'll be fixing this in an update shortly)
Play Fig. 8 Fig. 8 Sep. 03, 2009
We just fixed a bug with the high scores. If you were going for a high score and it wasn't showing up on the leaderboard before, it will now. Make sure to refresh before you start your attempt though. @Phoenix Wright huh? I think you're just seeing the numbers go up as a result of staying in a straight line or grazing off the side of an obstacle.
Play Bullet Time Bullet Time May. 27, 2009
awesome game Terry, man i wanna see hi-scores on this badly... ps. kids these days... they don't appreciate punishment anymore...
Play Wild 'n Free: EX Wild 'n Free: EX Apr. 18, 2009
Play Arbitrary Jump Circle-Boy Arbitrary Jump Circle-Boy Apr. 16, 2009
Play Effing Hail Effing Hail Apr. 12, 2009
ugh! 0/5 until you take out timer.
Play Dinowaurs Dinowaurs Apr. 09, 2009
Out of the blue we've got a new #1: pitbull3293 (1645)! #2 iol82 (1642), and #3 Nemonian (1636) R.I.P. Furtonic...
Play Dinowaurs Dinowaurs Mar. 05, 2009
looks like the server is down, we'll be restarting it shortly
Play Dinowaurs Dinowaurs Feb. 26, 2009
@Finnis21 Advancement is a direct function of skill. Advancement = wins. Winning takes skill and strategy. The only thing time has to do with it is the fact that it takes time to build skill and strategy. Some longer than others. I'm guessing you're one of the many who don't have the patience or mental fortitude to develop the skills necessary for victory. That's fine, this isn't the game for you. Stick to Sonny, that's a function of time.
Play Dinowaurs Dinowaurs Feb. 23, 2009
We have a new Rex in town! Furtonic is our new king! (1582) Wuped lies dormant in 2nd (1576) with the ever present Dboy925 in 3rd (1528).
Play Dinowaurs Dinowaurs Feb. 22, 2009
Pangaea is in flux! Furtonic and Wuped are tied for 1st at 1576! Dboy925 is still securely in 3rd with 1528 and rising star Grunert at 4th.
Play Dinowaurs Dinowaurs Feb. 22, 2009
The ankylo makes you a better player the same way a magnetic bracelet makes you a better golfer.
Play Dinowaurs Dinowaurs Feb. 21, 2009
@NicolBolas if there is a bug in the game, please report it with a bug report. ::points to the bug report button/link::
Play Dinowaurs Dinowaurs Feb. 21, 2009
@bear123 I bet you any of the top 25 can beat you when you're full boosted (+11 & shield) and they have no boosts equipped.
Play Dinowaurs Dinowaurs Feb. 20, 2009
Play Dinowaurs Dinowaurs Feb. 20, 2009
For the record, DUMPY, there's about oh... 5-10 people that have bought items since we released. That's out of roughly 70,000 total players.
Play Ultimate Crab Battle Ultimate Crab Battle Feb. 19, 2009
Play Dinowaurs Dinowaurs Feb. 19, 2009
@talkingtree That only happens during the first 60 seconds of a match. Additionally, if someone does refresh/quit during that time, they lose 5 points off your rating but the loss isn't recorded. If they quit after 60 seconds, it's treated as a loss and the proper amount of points is awarded/deducted for both players.
Play Dinowaurs Dinowaurs Feb. 17, 2009
the difference between a beta and a gold version is more or less negligible to the untrained eye. A beta allows us to work out all the bugs, perhaps add one or two features, but the primary reason for it is to fix bugs and make the game run more smoothly. If you're looking for 2v2 or 3v3, that's a feature for a sequel or a whole other game entirely.
Play Pyro Pyro Dec. 23, 2008
sweet game, give 'er some badges greg!