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Play Maths Jack Maths Jack Jan. 02, 2013
This is really fun! I've always enjoyed making numbers add up. At first I didn't understand what the green bar was. This is a great interpretation of Blackjack as a casual game. Thanks for sharing!
Play Bepixeled Bepixeled Apr. 22, 2011
Feel free to leave any comments or constructive suggestions here. Thanks for playing!
Play Lots of Tanks Lots of Tanks Apr. 19, 2011
The good: 1. Drifting tanks. Neo: "woa." 2. The weapons! Tons of em! They're all really fun 3. Survival mode is intense. 4. NO SHOPPING! It's nice to have a good old fashioned arena shooter. The bad: 1. Can't turn left and shoot at the same time on this laptop. Maybe z or x could be shoot instead of space? 2. Arcade mode is super slow paced.