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Play Endgame: Syria Endgame: Syria Dec. 20, 2012
This is a really cool game. I love the concept and the execution. It would be great if the font sizes were a bit bigger, as it is hard to read the text on each card and I know you put a lot of effort into the card descriptions. I also do not understand how military actions translate into loss of support. 5/5.
Play Extreme Card Game! Extreme Card Game! Oct. 19, 2012
Nice game. It would be cool if you could see the cards in your opponent's hand.
Out of curiosity, how many turns does it take you to win a major victory?
Okay, I fixed the mercenary balance issue. The deck now has 2x the number of mercenary cards. Thanks for playing.
Play Asymmetric Warfare - Nation Building USA Asymmetric Warfare - Nation Building USA Jun. 19, 2011
Hello DOKTORTR: Thanks for playing. I am afraid that your defeat was not a bug. My guess is that you attacked an enemy held hex and failed to eliminate all of the enemy’s health points during the card match. If the defender has any health points left at the end of six turns, the defender retains control of the hex. In other words, the defender wins by surviving and the attacker loses by not eliminating the defender. To put this in context, the Army of the Potomac suffered more casualties at the Battle of Antietam than the Army of Northern Virginia. However, because the South failed to drive the Union from the field, the battle is considered a Northern victory. This is actually an important feature in later scenarios such as NON-VIOLENCE and SECESSION.
Play Lifelines Lifelines May. 12, 2010
This is a really great concept. 5/5
Play Kingdoms Kingdoms Apr. 16, 2010
Really great game! Keep up the good work.
Play The Matilda War The Matilda War Apr. 15, 2010
Okay! I finally found some time to modify The Matilda War with some of your suggestions. The cards have more popups so that it’s easier to figure out each card’s capabilities. I’ll ad in a better game overview when I get some free time this weekend. If there are any Second World War buffs out there, I’d be interested in suggestions for new cards. I wouldn’t mind adding a few more hands of cards to make the game a bit longer. Thanks for playing.
Play The Matilda War The Matilda War Apr. 13, 2010
These are all excellent points and I am working to incorporate your feedback into the latest version of the game.
Play The Matilda War The Matilda War Apr. 12, 2010
Hi revmikey1977: Thanks for playing. The point is to out score the computer player. Any specific feedback on what is unclear is most appreciated. Thanks
Play The Matilda War The Matilda War Apr. 12, 2010
Thanks gamesrishti! Glad you liked it.