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Play Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Aug. 22, 2013
terrible main character...stopped wanting to play as soon as i started 1/5
Play Wonderputt Wonderputt Aug. 20, 2013
i just found it terrible 1/5
Play Hard Quiz!!! Hard Quiz!!! Jan. 22, 2012
no more words thank god 0/5
Play Freeway Fury Freeway Fury Jan. 15, 2012
did the controls change? I dont remember having to press spacebar an extra time to stay in a car
Play Dangerous Route Dangerous Route Jan. 15, 2012
Not bad i found it fun...I won every match but one because the computer landed on the skull which kind of sucked. 3/5
Play My "Dear" Boss My "Dear" Boss Jan. 12, 2012
it was ok 3/5....
Play Firemen Firemen Dec. 24, 2011
wait wasnt there a game like this already on here. It just had human firemen everything else is pretty much the same except artwork
Play Coins Coins Dec. 10, 2011
awesome game 5/5
Play The Ocean Around Me - Week One The Ocean Around Me - Week One Dec. 05, 2011
pretty sweet game..pretty short and way trippy but i enjoyed it 5/5
Play The Ocean Around Me - Week One The Ocean Around Me - Week One Dec. 05, 2011
coconut hits me in the stomach....yup counts as a catch
Play Tyrant Tyrant Dec. 05, 2011
3/5....a pretty good game but im just not a fan of games that use energy. some people may be fine with it but im just not going to play a game where i can only do a few matches before my energy is completely gone and i have to wait some more. Plenty of other things to take up that time
Play Brick Breaker Brick Breaker Nov. 28, 2011
my paddle just went to the right and disappeared. Even my paddle thought eveerything about this was terrible and left 0/5
Play G2G Word Search-16 G2G Word Search-16 Nov. 28, 2011
its pretty short and the words are small. More of a childs word search. The words tended to be bunched together too...ill give it a 3/5
Play Ada Playing Cards Ada Playing Cards Nov. 28, 2011
says to check out the rules.....there are no rules in game 0/5
Play Tyrant Tyrant Nov. 26, 2011
Doesnt tell you you actually got to put cards in your deck. Starts right on the mission screen and go to the tutorial mission just to have no cards....the tutorial teaches you about your deck afterrrrr you figure it out on your on
Play Jolly Jong 2 Jolly Jong 2 Nov. 22, 2011
Mahjong solitaire still has mahjong in the title people..soooo anywayz pretty good game 4/5
Play Mad Trucker 2 Mad Trucker 2 Nov. 14, 2011
Yes your rockets look cool but if your diesel doesnt have a reverse and your engine catches on fire from the smallest bump. I think its time for a new truck.
Play Feed Us Feed Us Sep. 05, 2011
great game but super buggy
Play Saturday Night Bloodfest Saturday Night Bloodfest Sep. 04, 2011
would have been great if you could switch back to a weapon youve bought 2/5
Play Sports Heads: Football Sports Heads: Football Sep. 04, 2011
This game is oddly terrible 1/5