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Play Project Restoration Project Restoration Jul. 16, 2015
billy, If you click the little arrow labeled 'choose your indicator' in the bottom right, there's an option that allows you to move things.
Play Idle Raiders Idle Raiders Jun. 08, 2015
Bought the equipment size upgrades from the permanent merchant but it didn't do anything =/
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Mar. 14, 2015
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Mar. 14, 2015
It didn't give me my Angels when I reset, so I restarted, and now I'm unable to change the buy amount. It's stuck at 1.
Play Tangerine Tycoon Tangerine Tycoon Feb. 12, 2015
Oh god damn it. I just realized I could navigate the screens with WASD.
Play Ghostscape 3D Ghostscape 3D Feb. 04, 2015
Do I need something to use the valves? Interacting with them isn't doing anything.
Developer response from Psionic3D

There is a spanner...

Play The Awakening RPG The Awakening RPG Dec. 07, 2014
This game is amazing. I'd really like to see it finished if you ever have the time!
Play Auto-Attack! Auto-Attack! Aug. 25, 2014
legendary crafting is definitely having issues. I can't get all my swords to be about the same damage, no matter how long I hold it down. My first 5 swords are almost 200 million damage but sword 6 will not go much above 50 million.
Play MOUSE GAME MOUSE GAME Jul. 29, 2014
Shameless self promotion. I love you matt.
Play Thrones of Fantasy Thrones of Fantasy Jun. 21, 2014
Save button rarely works, drop percentage is a lie. Game definitely needs some work.
Developer response from Hitokirin

there is a 10 second delay on the save, once you save you need to wait 10 seconds, drop % is not a lie

Play Adventures of Harry Adventures of Harry Mar. 20, 2014
You can fall through the mousehole and die on level 25...
Developer response from nowgamez

Thanks for letting know. This has been fixed and is now uploaded as updated version. Thx

Play Four Second Frenzy Four Second Frenzy Dec. 23, 2012
Play Versus Umbra Versus Umbra Jan. 05, 2012
@hend Weapons can be upgraded past level 5 once you beat the game and access Paradox mode. All you have to do is buy level 6 with inventium for each weapon in the shop. Entering Paradox mode also increases the level cap.
Play Canoniac Launcher Canoniac Launcher Dec. 26, 2011
Hitting a bounce button while wearing the bounce boots cancels out both bounces and removes the boots. Is this supposed to happen?
Play Mass Mayhem 4 Mass Mayhem 4 Dec. 19, 2011
Obviously rushed. Volume option works, but the percentage doesn't change.
Play Dead Rising Dead Rising Nov. 14, 2011
Also, points for The Walking Dead rip off.
Play Dead Rising Dead Rising Nov. 14, 2011
Seems that way.
Play Zombie Knight Zombie Knight May. 04, 2011
Did you really reupload a front page game?
Play Flagstaff: Chapter One Flagstaff: Chapter One Feb. 19, 2011
It did not save my file like it said it would when I quit. Very disappoint.
Play de Blob 2 Revolution de Blob 2 Revolution Feb. 18, 2011
I like how you guys don't realize that there's a skip movie button.