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Play Hexy Bird Free Hexy Bird Free Mar. 08, 2014
everythings great but its overly hard and the control scheme could be smoother. Good luck.
Play Game Development Room (GDR) Game Development Room (GDR) Jan. 13, 2013
I think you should make it android phone friendly. I tried seeing if I could use it via my phone, but the playerIO auth failed.
Play Game Development Room (GDR) Game Development Room (GDR) Oct. 26, 2012
I have a short suggestion. You should allow users to optionally see timestamps for each message. So if the chat is slow and someone said something 30 minutes ago, it doesn't look like it was just recently posted.
Developer response from UnknownGuardian

Yeh, just timestamps in general were a pain to store and load accurately that I gave up. It seriously messed up the client really nicely, so I just reverted and didn't publish it.

Play VELOCIROCKET: Test Flight VELOCIROCKET: Test Flight Oct. 25, 2011
wow! this is awesome! I can't follow the storyline as far as the blue chicks, but hey! boobies! great! the mouse leaving screen causes pause thing really sucked, since avoiding crashing into those chicks sometimes made me have to get super close to the sides of the screen and inadvertently pause the game. Also should have a "go to main menu" btn on the pause screen, Love the concept! You could turn this into a 4 or 5 star game, just have to give it menu's, ect, ect, ect. Who did the artwork for this? like the dinosaur, and stuff, cause its really really good.
Play Undead Throne Undead Throne Oct. 24, 2011
4 is for Eh-4ort.
Play Dodge Dodge Oct. 18, 2011
Its like The Impossible Game! Wonderful 5/5 Just need to find a musician/artist, polish everything up, and you have a wonderful game.
Play Epic War 5 Epic War 5 Oct. 06, 2011
1/5 ya know... I'm just not a fan of Epic War. The gameplay isn't that fun, only requires a little strategy here and there, but once things are good, you just.... watch. Not only that, but the whole fantasy behind it I'm not too fond of... Nor am I really fond of anything with gaudy stuff. More of a fan of the TSR, dungeons and dragons fantasy type stuff. Where its believable, or its magic, but it all flows so easily. Truthfully I think this game is only top rated right now because of 2 things. 1) its the beginning of October. 2) Its had 4 previous games associated with it. I'm pretty sure after having 4 moderately successful games, its quite easy to garner an ok sized fan base. But I honestly think this game simply put.... sucks. Sorry.
Play The Last Stand: Union City The Last Stand: Union City Sep. 28, 2011
Well, I've been a fan of last stand since the day the first one came out. I think this one was epic, just... EPIC. Especially the moment where you meet Jack. Its like... holy crap... : O, There were a few things that were just.... off, and probably could have been fixed with enough patience and diligence, but eh. The most annoying thing was the lag that would happen in the more crazy of situations... "OH NO OH NO OH NO!!!" *Left-Click! Left-Click! Left-Click!* "ABOUT TO DIE!!!" *C key!* *C key!* *C key!* *C key! C key! C Key!!!!*.... how the game responds... > *attack* *attack* *attack* *attack* (shooting reticle going crazy) *Open Inventory(YES!), Close Inventory(NO!!), Open Inventory(YES!), Close Inventory(NO!!), Open Inventory(YES!), Close Inventory(NO!!!!!!!) *dead**
Play Momentum Missile Mayhem 2 Momentum Missile Mayhem 2 Sep. 20, 2011
You know.... great concept, but its so over complicated, that in my current state, I literally am going to go do something else. Even the main menu is over complicated. Theres no campaign? So whats the basic new game button? Not going to waste brain power i currently don't have with me trying to unravel where the fun is.
Play Monster Corp Monster Corp Sep. 14, 2011
Should implement code for a "click anywhere to close" type of thing. Play your game for 20 or so minutes, and note how tedious it can be to close out of certain things. But I love this game. It is a wonderful idea in an otherwise dry wasteland of concept.
Play Stellar hunter Stellar hunter Sep. 10, 2011
It's only boring if you don't take it as its supposed to be taken.... its not an action game, a flurry of mad mouse movements... Its a relaxing game. It does that very well. I love it. 5/5
Play Saving the Company Saving the Company Sep. 09, 2011
the jump cloud looks like a narwhal!
Play Badge Master Badge Master Sep. 08, 2011
I love it Senekis. 5/5, used it last night to find the oldest unearned badges and played some good ol' Last Stand. No idea why I didn't already have the 2 badges for it, but i earned them right quick. I think this would program would do a lot better as far as popularity goes if you "noobified" it. Made it slightly more "pretty" and added a description pop up for each little button, so the noob knows what hes doing.
Play Super Robot Run Super Robot Run Sep. 07, 2011
I did rank it! 5/5
Play Super Robot Run Super Robot Run Sep. 07, 2011
I love it. Good work corrupted. 5/5 But you should add a pausing feature, as people like me may have music playing and want to take a sec to mute it to listen to your game, or do something like take the trash out. Also it would be cool to take a different spin to the whole platform freerunning game and add something..... perhaps.... inclines.... or something. Also... is it ALWAYS possible to get from ledge A to ledge B? Or is there just a impossible jump every now and than?
Play Arkandian Revenant Arkandian Revenant Sep. 07, 2011
Epicness.... Epicness... Epicness..... FAIL.... *right click* movie not loaded. (this happened after creating character)
Play 3050 3050 Sep. 03, 2011
I like this game. Heres what you could change; Add soundFX, and i would love to help you fix your music bug. I'm not too crazy about EVERYTHING (mines, ships, bosses, ect) having a white outline, remove that to improve immersion. Add unique explosions to everything instead of a generic pink nuke. has a great example of tweens for exploding space ships, check Space Combat 1.0. The Bosses were very awesome, except the third one... Its a metal box, and than i like what it is afterwards, but its very easy to find its weakness on how to destroy it. I really like the powerups. Not crazy about the mines, I didn't know they were mines at all at first, because of the same size as the powerups, so i ran straight into 3 or 4 of them only to realize a good chunk of health was gone. Maybe keep the white outline on the power-ups, and remove it from everything else so they are very distinguishable. But honestly, its very good. I love it. 4/5
Play Insane Maze Insane Maze Sep. 02, 2011
Your Profile - Edit (under InsaneMaze game Icon on profile) - upload files(on the right in red text) - Game File - Choose - YourGame.swf
Play Insane Maze Insane Maze Sep. 02, 2011
unknownGuardian posted on your topic. Do what he said, "update" the game with the swf.
Developer response from InsaneMaze

it is an swf file and even if it wasnt an swf file you cant upload it

Play Feed Us Feed Us Sep. 02, 2011
ok seriously? Something smells like profiteering. I don't think any passionate game dev would really miss something as big as the flaws that are in this game. I died before posting this, I was waiting for the round to end, it did, my fish swam to the right, and than it said my piranha died. screw Manuel round end, it should end on its own with good programming, And why do i have to endure the slowness of going through the title menu every round? Besides that, This would have been a 5 star game in my opinion, great concept, enjoyable, addictive..... but bad design ruined it all.