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Play Words are Hard Words are Hard Jun. 09, 2015
Bird Jesus is "Praise Helix" now. Those of you not familiar with Twitch Plays Pokemon are at a disadvantage, so I thought I'd help you out.
Play Treadmillasaurus Rex Treadmillasaurus Rex Apr. 12, 2015
This is probably the stupidest game I have ever played. I love it so much. 5 stars. :>
Play pulse pulse Feb. 19, 2014
Wish I could keep listening to the "music" that the level makes after its done.
Play Flappy Bird Flash Flappy Bird Flash Feb. 10, 2014
Controls are waaaaaaaay too imprecise!
Play BasketBalls BasketBalls Jan. 14, 2014
If the basket did that in real life, I'd be a pro basketballer too. :P
Play Randobot Randobot Dec. 12, 2013
If there were checkpoints all over the place, the game would be too easy. Failure means something, so you have to consider your actions. You have to think, what happens if your jump doesn't work this time? When you're near the cliff, push jump first to see if it worked, don't press right and jump at the same time, or you'll wind up falling in. :P
Play Candle Man Candle Man Dec. 12, 2013
The main character uses fire, but never as a weapon! I don't think I've ever seen that happen before.
Play Snailiad Snailiad Dec. 10, 2013
Protip: This is one of those games where playing on Easy first is nothing to be ashamed of. Especially if you're only here for the badges.
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Dec. 03, 2013
Once we start going over 999 billion, can you change it to trillions? It's weird to see that something in the shop costs "9 hundred thousand billion." :/
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Nov. 14, 2013
So she's a treasure hunter, but she prefers the term "thief." I see what you did there. :3
Play Bloons Super Monkey 2 Bloons Super Monkey 2 Nov. 14, 2013
You guys should start giving out "impossible endurance badges." Seriously. Ain't nobody got time for that hard badge.
Play Interlocked Interlocked Nov. 12, 2013
I love coming back to these kinds of games and getting further then I did before. :)
Play Reddup 3 Reddup 3 Oct. 27, 2013
How is this an improvement?
Play 10 More Bullets 10 More Bullets Oct. 26, 2013
"2 bullets. 1 bullet. 0 bullets. Shit." lol
Play The Last Door - Chapter 2: Memories The Last Door - Chapter 2: Memories Oct. 25, 2013
"Headphones and dark environment recommended." Uhh, no thanks, The Last Door. I think I'm going to play this with speakers and bright lights.
Play Wizard's Run Wizard's Run Oct. 22, 2013
"Mwa ha ha ha! Ha.....ha..... Why won't you die?!"
Play 0xC0A57ED 0xC0A57ED Oct. 18, 2013
My actual high score is 51, but it didn't submit. :(
Play Blobble Wars Blobble Wars Oct. 18, 2013
Wow, I remember this game working once, but what happened? I can't start any level on any difficulty? What did you do, game creator??? Whatever it is, you need to undo it.
Play Eye-Q Test Eye-Q Test Oct. 18, 2013
Step 1: Press hint button and memorize the proper layout of the pieces. Step 2: Press exit button and reenter the level. Step 3: Put the pieces in the actual puzzle area. Step 4: Actually start the level.
Play 10 10 Oct. 17, 2013
Playing songs with the numbers is almost as fun as the puzzles themselves. "4651, 4564, 6451 1564." :)
Developer response from iojoe

:D That's fantastic!! I just opened a level and played the same numbers! Hehehehe! Very cool! Thanks alexnobody!