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Play The King of Towers The King of Towers Sep. 04, 2014
Kingdom rush but you have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for it to be worth it. A great shame this game had potential. 2/5
Play i saw her across the world i saw her across the world Aug. 29, 2014
Kudos to Elspeth Eastman for the great music :)
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Aug. 27, 2014
With all his money, house, boat and moon base, he still stands there alone. Through the forced and empty grin we can conclude that capitalism doesn;t = happiness. :P
Play DPS Idle DPS Idle Aug. 16, 2014
How do you level up? :P
Play Soccer Physics Soccer Physics Jul. 29, 2014
Socketamine :P
Play  Castle Monster Castle Monster Jul. 10, 2014
Needs a better ending. Anti-Climax. Apart from that great fun, I like how it advanced through the ages.
Play Inferno Legend Inferno Legend May. 20, 2014
LOOL The accents in this game crack me up! Anyone else seen the ceramic knifes infomercial?
Play Soviet Rocket Giraffe Go Go Go! Soviet Rocket Giraffe Go Go Go! Apr. 16, 2014
after 1.5M you get into a rhythm, i feel i could play this game indefinitely :)
Play Notebook Space Wars 2 Notebook Space Wars 2 Apr. 13, 2014
Awesome game! Improvements made on the last release. Still think you should indicate the levels with bosses on with a different symbol or something similar.
Play Gladiator - True Story Gladiator - True Story Apr. 02, 2014
By wave 40 it get's absolutely impossible! At least I have Wilhelm to keep me company
Play Warlords: Epic Conflict Warlords: Epic Conflict Mar. 28, 2014
Can u add a x2 and x4 speed button please? Apart from that excellent. 4/5 (5/5 if speed added)
Play Submachine 9: the Temple Submachine 9: the Temple Mar. 20, 2014
One of the best SubMs to date! Had great fun playing through though only got 4 secrets (including the ladder rung secret) But cant find the 5th, i'm guessing it's in the final section that I can no longer go back to as I finished the game :/ DAMN.
Play Once Upon A Life Once Upon A Life Feb. 28, 2014
Pretty ending music :)
Best. Game. Ever. 6/5 MAKE MORE OF THESE!
Play Sentry Knight Sentry Knight Jan. 14, 2014
Best skillset i used was (as well as upgrading all bonuses on all 3 tiers) were all the fire skills maxed and the second cold skill.
Play Wallace & Gromit: Sprocket Rocket Wallace & Gromit: Sprocket Rocket Jan. 13, 2014
This reminds me of the old wallace and gromit Technoquest floppy disc games :)
Play Deep Sea Hunter 2 Deep Sea Hunter 2 Jan. 09, 2014
the turtle boss has the same name and description as the kraken boss? :/ cool game though.
Play Into Space 3: Xmas Story Into Space 3: Xmas Story Jan. 09, 2014
loved it spread it out through a few days and throroghly enjoyed playing it. maybe put slightly higher candies awarded for height bonus? 5/5 anyway fun fun.
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Nov. 14, 2013
well thats an intro and a half :) 5/5 for that alone
Play Steampunk Tower Steampunk Tower Nov. 06, 2013
Challenge 1: Machine Gun and Heavy Cannon