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Play Coin Clicker 2: The Power Click Coin Clicker 2: The Power Click Dec. 19, 2014
What's new in this version? The coinbags? I still dig the look of this game, the falling coins look awesome, but once you've reached 3000 there is nothing more you can buy. I need more game-play! More upgrades!
Play Coin Clicker Coin Clicker Dec. 15, 2014
I like the look, but it's way to short.
Developer response from Shawre12

Play Version 2

Play  Flower Garden Escape 2 Flower Garden Escape 2 Dec. 06, 2014
Maybe it´s just my computer who is tired, but the water-animations (faucet, fountain) causes lag over here.
Play Halloween Magic Fun Halloween Magic Fun Nov. 02, 2014
Needs a skip-button on the intro.
Play Survival Horror, Act One: Interactive Fiction Survival Horror, Act One: Interactive Fiction Sep. 28, 2014
Really cool and creepy atmos. Well written story. BTW, was that a Space Quest-reference i saw?
Developer response from joeaaronsellers

Roger Wilco! In Space Quest, you also start off in a closet. Just wanted to pay homage to a classic Sierra adventure game...

Play Cookie Clicker (Custom Version) Cookie Clicker (Custom Version) Sep. 28, 2014
Isn't this the exact game as from last year? What did you add?
Developer response from IIslushieII

I have told this to people already, I first edited the rate on how paying for turtles change, and I to work on more items to work with.

Play Good Morning Zombies Good Morning Zombies Sep. 23, 2014
You can only upgrade the last gun you buy, when you finish the boss the playbutton (to return to the menu?) doesnt do anything.
Play Corn Business Corn Business Sep. 05, 2014
Like everyone else says: This is not an idler, it's a stare-intentively-ater. Not as much fun.
Play Little Drummer Boy Little Drummer Boy Jul. 31, 2014
I´d like to buy upgrades for making better rhythms. A second stick might be hard but how about adding a pedal for the basedrum controlled by space?
Developer response from ruinmasters

I am planning on adding keyboard controls for all of them, but maybe I could do a pedal too.

Play Dungeon Blast Dungeon Blast Jul. 08, 2014
I like the look, and the variety of enemys is decent. Once youve added a shop and even more monsters this will be great. Keep going!
Play Fly Bird Fly Bird Jun. 24, 2014
Awesome game! You are no.1 in game-making, so that's what I´ll rate this game as: 1 for no.1!!! Yaaay!"
Developer response from PaperCup


Play street battle street battle Jun. 15, 2014
I tried it, the graphics are indeed excellent, but the animation and gameplay is terrible.
Play Robot miner diamond Robot miner diamond Jun. 05, 2014
When you buy the big hold, the value of the ores drop 10 times. Is this intentional? If so, why?
Play Coin fantasy alpha Coin fantasy alpha May. 19, 2014
I´m intrigued by the description, but it is still just a white screen.
Play The Robot Uprising The Robot Uprising May. 16, 2014
Robots spawning on top off you doesnt seem fair, got killed without warning.
Developer response from Bennyboy50z

Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Having robots spawn on top of you definitely isn't intentional! *EDIT* Just realized why the script wasn't working, I'm currently working on patching that up. *EDIT2* They should no longer spawn on top of you. If your standing in the position where they spawn they won't spawn anymore. How-ever they will still spawn close to you if you are not in their spawn-box.

Play Crazy Raptor Rider Crazy Raptor Rider May. 11, 2014
Good idea, nice graphics and sound but there are several thing that needs fixing: 1. No save? Way to grindy to finish in one sitting. 2. I often get hit by a high ufo a dinosaur and a tree at the same time, impossible to avoid all of them. 3. The higher level dinosaur matches my speed (so I cant escape it) and will bite two or three times before it is killed even with the best gun.
Play Zombotown Zombotown May. 07, 2014
Lovely walkcycles! Good graphics and sound over all, and fun gameplay. Could maybe use some more upgrades and levels.
Play Popular Lady Fashion Model [Clicker] Popular Lady Fashion Model [Clicker] May. 05, 2014
It could use more flair, music and animations perhaps. You could have cameraflashes go off when you buy a small upgrade, and aplause from the crowd when you buy a big one. The clothes and shoes could change color (or style, but maybe thats too much work). The model could change into a couple of different poses when you reach certain goals. Right now its kind of boring just looking at a silent, still picture.
Developer response from ramong941

I like the ideas! Im almost done with a few features so expect an update soon. I appreciate your input, and your interest in my game :-)

Play Mighty Knight Mighty Knight Apr. 20, 2014
I think the game freezes when you get an achivement.
Play Feed Us Happy Feed Us Happy Apr. 16, 2014
I´m a huge fan of the "Feed us"-series, and this was a nice addition. A bit like flappy bird, but sooo much more satisfying. I´m a sucker for upgrade-games too, so this was great.