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Play Chess Chess Feb. 21, 2010
Great game, has some connection problems but nothing else. It works well with my internet because my internet is a bit slow. Thanks a lot! 4/5.
Play SFG Pool SFG Pool Feb. 21, 2010
Fun but lags like heck. I have trouble getting onto the server and then it disconnects at random times. The scores are off as well, which causes much lag. Fix it a bit and you have got yourself one amazing game. :) 5/5!
Play Multitask Multitask Aug. 14, 2009
This game is good, very difficult if you are playing alone. I've pretty much failed. My highest so far is 58. (yes laugh all you want) Good though. I'll give it a 5/5. :)
Play Kongregate Chat Kongregate Chat Aug. 09, 2009
Michael Jackon and Billy Mays R.I.P. :)
Play Red Remover Red Remover Aug. 08, 2009
It's so addicting and yet too complicated. I cleared it all and got all the badges but it still made me angry! I'll give it a... 4/5! :)
Play Oh, the Huge Manatee! Oh, the Huge Manatee! Aug. 07, 2009
Wow, nice game I guess. Personally not something I would play every day definantly but I guess it's cool. I like the animals.
Play Kongregate Chat Kongregate Chat Jul. 07, 2009
What a lovely imagination you have fineplay. Was rather...interesting...
Play Cargo Bridge Cargo Bridge Jun. 09, 2009
The little workers are too pudgy! They need to shed a couple of pounds. I'm truely fail at this game but it is really cute. Others do like it but I can't even get past level 2. Have fun and good gaming folks. 2/5.
Play Multiplayer Whiteboard Multiplayer Whiteboard May. 10, 2009
It's an okay "game" and it actually works which I do like. I see some problems with it though. I think that it can be abused by users that aren't so respectful with their perverted comments and such which need to be watched. Also I think it would be a good idea that when a user that is playing, leaves the room then his or her drawing should be erased. 3/5!
Play Death vs. Monstars Death vs. Monstars Mar. 31, 2009
In my opinion (and this could be a bit bias) I think that the second badge should be a hard badge. It takes more to get that badge and some of the other medium badges seem easy compared to that one. Just an opinion though.
Play Kongregate Chat Kongregate Chat Mar. 24, 2009
Let's look at this lovely idea of just a Kongregate chat. Well it is a good idea for moderators so they can focus on chat but you got to admit this is a game site. People come here to play games, not always chat. It's a good and bad idea at the same time.
Play Shopping Cart Hero Shopping Cart Hero Mar. 21, 2009
There really needs to be a save button. My Internet crashed as I was about to get the second badge and I had to restart the whole dang thing. Giving it a 4/5 because it's very creative. ^^
Play Pong Pong Feb. 28, 2009
I really enjoy this game. It is very awesome because it doesn't always let the computer win like most games do. It's also cool because I like how you can select any difficulty level and that makes it so much better because everyone is different. Your rock guys. Good game. 4/5.
Play unescape unescape Feb. 22, 2009
Okay you seriously should create an actual 'game' instead of this. I don't even think it would be called a game. Make it more challenging and on the instructions, atleast spell click right. 1/5.
Play The Virus Game The Virus Game Feb. 19, 2009
In this game, it is pretty good. I like the beginning where you simply just give a little biology lesson to encourage free play and understanding of the situation. Sadly there are typos that do need to be fixed. I'll give it a 3/5.
Play Marshmallow Panic! Marshmallow Panic! Feb. 19, 2009
I like the concept and it is a new way of thinking about this kind of game. Its really cute and it makes me want hot chocolate. Mmm. Well thanks for the originality. 4/5.
Play Fly Eye Fly Eye Feb. 18, 2009
I'm guessing you made this for either practice or just getting the Developer icon. Well what I think is that you need to add to this or make another one that is ten times better then this one. Its basically not even a game. 1/5.
Play The Maze Game Thats Easy The Maze Game Thats Easy Feb. 17, 2009
I didn't really like this one I'm sorry. It just to me was poorly made. Its better then some games on here but needs more work. Nice colors though. 1/5.
Play Color Snake Color Snake Feb. 17, 2009
It was okay. It was more fun then the others that are a little laggy compared to this one. I really like it and its pretty fun and addicting. 3/5.
Play Shopping Cart Hero Shopping Cart Hero Feb. 15, 2009
Very strange and unique. Game is very addicting but needs a little more control on the cart sometimes. I'll give it a 4/5.