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Play Trimps Preview Trimps Preview Jul. 04, 2015
I think TR is for "trainable."
Play Trimps Preview Trimps Preview Jul. 04, 2015
I think you can get all of the books by running any map of the level or higher at which it would appear. Not 100% sure, but I've never missed a 'logical' next step (eg, no jumping from Helmet II to Shoulderguards II or whatever).
Play Realm Grinder Realm Grinder Jun. 03, 2015
please change the heritage upgrades to grant a slightly smaller flat bonus (80% or so of current) but a scaling bonus that increases with number of times that faction has been played.
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Apr. 23, 2013
Sent a PM with all the details I can think of.
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Apr. 23, 2013
Re Daily Bonus: Did so. I got "Day 2." My steak is 104. I am still out the 1000E tokens.
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Apr. 22, 2013
...Daily Bonus Restore doesn't seem to be working.
Developer response from Tukkun

After you buy the Daily Bonus Restore, just come back tomorrow and the streak will continue as normal!

Play Decision 2 Decision 2 Feb. 23, 2013
You know what I think every time I play this? "War. War never changes."
Play Paladog Paladog Feb. 19, 2013
Day 32 : The quest for an ever-more-powerful Food Mace has nearly worn away my "2" key, but I soldier on. The path behind me is trampled flat by my ravenous legions of rabbit archers; the path before me is littered by the mound of shells of my faithful turtle scouts and guardsmen. The other animals have all but abandoned me, save for the occasional wandering dragon whose company and refreshing change of hue I enjoy. As I send another dozen young turtles knowingly to their grave, I wonder: How can I be forgiven for this? How can a merciful God even allow it? And yet my food magic does not falter. I wonder if perhaps it is fueled by some other, darker source, for I know not what new trials await the world when my army, disbanded, is unleashed upon it...
Play Band Of Heroes Band Of Heroes Feb. 15, 2013
This was really fun! I think you have a lot of room to expand & improve. I think one thing that really stuck out for me was how some skills were useless if you weren't using the character in question as a leader. Glenn, for example, has two skills that only matter if he's leading, while all of Selene's are useful no matter which position she's in. I think either combining the active skills together for a "party attack" or ensuring each character has the same 'balance' of skills would be really good. But I only say that because I'm really looking forward to a sequel or another adventure of this sort!
Play Monster Arena Monster Arena Nov. 05, 2011
Okay. I'm just gonna say it: Glasses girl is really, really bad at math.
Play Typing Ninja Hunter Typing Ninja Hunter Jul. 22, 2011
i hate how this game comes up for challenges. stop it. it's broken to all crap. i had to restart the challenge because unless you kill the shuriken throwers, you will eventually be unable to *lose.* seriously. i was just locked in crouch until i finally refreshed.
Play Diamond Hollow Diamond Hollow May. 04, 2011
Fantastic game for 48 hours! Still... as a complete experience, it's lacking. The upgrade system feels tacky; since so many of the upgrades are practically mandatory to get anywhere, it's just a forced delay to "actually" playing. As others have said, the upscroll gets much too fast much too quickly... it's frustrating that it's the only meaningful challenge. 3/5; enjoyable, and I hope to see the concept turned into a 'whole' game from you.
Play Robotic Emergence 2 Robotic Emergence 2 Apr. 25, 2011
okay, that is officially the most ridiculous opening/back story i have ever seen, and i played all the mega man games.
Play ThermoBox ThermoBox Apr. 25, 2011
Didn't really like how quirky the physics were; chips from broken blocks affect balance but falling objects don't always bounce the same way. Can be frustrating to retry a level several times to get things just to fall properly.
Play Formula Racer Formula Racer Apr. 04, 2011
The brakes, they do nothing! (Seriously. Neither S nor down arrow causes my car to brake.)
Play Reactance Reactance Mar. 12, 2011
I was able to stay around bottom right corner to dodge the pattern where the final boss fires a short pattern of crisscrossing short white beams and then a wave of pale shots. I would sit at the very bottom corner, then move up slightly to avoid one of the white beams, and avoided all damage on some waves this way.
Play Santa Can Fly Santa Can Fly Dec. 25, 2010
Simplistic, easily broken, highly cheesy. 4/5 (Should be "caughted." Also, after about two-thirds of a second, the bear should eat you.)
Play Epic War 2 Epic War 2 Dec. 16, 2010
Specifically, it needs autosummoning as an option, and for some upgrades to be immediate on level start. It's especially silly that the first part of every level is building the mana pool and tower back up.
Play Epic War 2 Epic War 2 Dec. 16, 2010
It's well-made. But this is not very fun; it takes all of the tedious aspects of past Epic War games and consolidates them.
Play GrindQuest GrindQuest Nov. 22, 2010
@Zach768 Haha, even in an idle game... anyway, I had a lot of luck focusing on the third tree first, then the second.