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Play Pillage the Village Pillage the Village Oct. 12, 2012
Oh man I love this game! *shifty eyes*
Play Pillage the Village Pillage the Village Jul. 14, 2009
If the game lags, pause the game ("p") and turn down the detail and rating settings.
Play Duplicate Movie Clip with Actionscript | TUTORIAL Duplicate Movie Clip with Actionscript | TUTORIAL Jul. 03, 2009
I'm sorry, but a single post in the programming forums or a response in chat is much more informative than this and I believe it's not even worth uploading. Additionally, the duplicateMovieClip command is a dying method and is better off pushed aside by newer practices.
Play Smatch Smatch Apr. 01, 2009
Game is great! Could be a little bit easier for some people though.
Play Shopping Cart Hero Shopping Cart Hero Feb. 05, 2009
Needs more depth and better art, but still entertained me for a few minutes (longer than I thought).
Play SandStorm Racing SandStorm Racing Sep. 15, 2008
I originally marked this high and then dropped it because the cars are just not fun to drive for me.
Play Motherload Demo Motherload Demo Aug. 30, 2008
It will be taken down; thanks for taking a stand everyone!
Play Mile High Club Mile High Club Aug. 29, 2008
Probably would have enjoyed it, but the controls were a little annoying.
Play New User Tutorial 2: Reclaiming the P0wn New User Tutorial 2: Reclaiming the P0wn Aug. 22, 2008
I appreciated the first tutorial, but I found the personal attacks on the other tutorial creator (Uchiha) to be immature and unnecessary. Additionally I don't think it's worth a new version, but the old version should have been updated instead. The graphics in both are very bad, but I had rated it decently since there was some worthwhile content. However in the case of this one, the issues mentioned made me give this one 1/5.
Play Runescape Runescape Aug. 12, 2008
So many people apparently are incapable of avoiding games they don't like. I don't know how you guys survive on this site in general without that ability. In any case, Kongregate is not a Flash only site and Flash is not the only game medium that's available. I really don't know where such a notion is coming from.
Play Damijin's Adventures Damijin's Adventures Jun. 04, 2008
Walkthrough needed please
Play You Have To Burn The Rope You Have To Burn The Rope Apr. 11, 2008
"You have to get a sense of humor" will be the sequel.
Play Oh, Buoy! Oh, Buoy! Apr. 09, 2008
OMG this is just like frogger, its uses buttons to move things on the screen and you can lose if you don't do it right! What a ripoff!
Play Kongai Kongai Mar. 21, 2008
The first time I played it was very difficult to determine where I should click and what I was supposed to do. I thought about going back to the tutorial but didn't feel like it. After I knew what to do it was a lot easier, but there seems to be a little bit of information overload & clutter while at the same time not enough information. The eye is not always completely drawn to the important part of the UI when it needs to be. This may deter some new players and may cause them to give up due to an initially steep learning curve.
Play The Angry Puzzle The Angry Puzzle Mar. 20, 2008
Kurtkiller is right, he doesn’t have 50 accounts, he has *100* now. That means 100 out of the current 358 ratings (28%) seem to be from kurtkiller.
Play Pillage the Village Pillage the Village Mar. 13, 2008
*@Trid:* So does the Level 1 glove ;) *@Pespter:* The cage definitely has depth. The knight cutting your finger off is also based on where the sword is. *@Split9102:* If you want less blood and gore in PtV, go to the options and turn the rating down. You can actually turn off all the blood as well as the mess created on the ground. It should run faster that way too.
Play Alpha Force Alpha Force Feb. 26, 2008
Some fun elements, but I can't stand starting over because I got hit once or twice as well.
Play Pillage the Village Pillage the Village Feb. 26, 2008
@ShadowOrigin: Most don't have trouble collecting coins. You need to manage your time and spells and not kill everyone at once. Pick up only one hut at a time and toss parachuters/gliders etc back in the sky until you are ready to deal with them. Also, if objects get in your way, grab them and scroll your mouse wheel or press w. That will move it out of the way. I usually click and hold w.
Play Pillage the Village Pillage the Village Feb. 25, 2008
*Some changes have been made:* Coins are now frame based for slower computers, ads have been removed from this version and some attempts to fix bugs (like the cursor getting stuck) have been made. Hope that helps some of you.
Play Pillage the Village Pillage the Village Feb. 17, 2008
*Matthew0275*: The game does have quality options and the option to turn off blood spatter and skeletons. Pause the game then choose "options".