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Play Monsterland 2. Junior Revenge Monsterland 2. Junior Revenge Dec. 05, 2012
Hmm, pressing 'r' for restart just crashed my game (and flash) completely. Admittedly after the 50th or so time, but pretty annoying. Good game, otherwise.
Play Sackboy: Race the Unexpected! Sackboy: Race the Unexpected! Nov. 23, 2012
Is this really an official game? Not a great advert for the real thing, this handles terribly.
Play  Fancy Room Fancy Room Dec. 03, 2011
Too short. Ok otherwise.
Play Random Trivia Random Trivia Jul. 28, 2011
The idea for this is really misguided. Nobody's going to rate this above 2.5 with only three questions to answer, no obvious difficulty curve or any effects at all. I admire you learning to do this so fast, but it badly needs more questions whether it's rated highly or not.
Developer response from WeberProductions

I understand this. But some people wish to see updates on games, and I am about to embark on an adventure into the world of programming harder games such as a TD game. I wanted to know if anyone was interested in the update of this game or not to see whether I should start on my TD game or update this one. I think I'll add another 5 questions or so, sooner or later, but I don't want to devote a whole lot of my spare time beefing up a game that noone wants to play anyway. Thus, the rating threshold of 2.5, which is between "Didn't like it" and "Liked it"

Play Typing Ninja Hunter Typing Ninja Hunter Jul. 24, 2011
So you can't repair your temple if you don't have enough funds to COMPLETELY repair your temple? Not even use your remaining funds to repair some of it? What on Earth's that about?
Play Shoot the player Shoot the player May. 26, 2011
There's a platform on level 10 that has no collision detection. Beach balls sometimes roll away for no reason. Could do with a level select and better variation in cannon strength. Good attempt, though.
Play Zuma Ball Zuma Ball May. 26, 2011
A major glitch makes the ball stick to the bumper, rotating it, sometimes making it unwinnable. :/ Otherwise not really like Pinball at all.
Play Smash N Crash Derby Smash N Crash Derby Jan. 27, 2011
I guess I'm not the only one who picked up a baby bottle and flew off the screen then :/ "Be more careful?" Whatever. The third level was taking far too long anyway, glad it glitched out like that.
Play Monster Truck Trip Monster Truck Trip Jan. 27, 2011
Erm, one level just started on "PAUSED" and I sure as anything didn't press pause. And now it's stuck cos I can't press pause. Or menu. Or restart. Was a good game until then.
Play Worder Worder Jan. 15, 2011
Quite fun, but there isn't really an end. It would have been nice to see a difficulty hike, the only way it gets harder is the lag when you get a combo. Didn't need to use any of the "lifelines" so maybe the grid should get bigger or the time goes down much faster, I don't know. Probably shouldn't be getting the word "be" on Level 9 though.
Play Drive and Dodge Drive and Dodge Jan. 10, 2011
Does it really need to say the sponsor/creator name after every life?
Play ColorMore ColorMore Jan. 10, 2011
Completed lots of levels without actually having to press the majority of buttons. It's nice not to have to rigidally do things but some levels could be done by literally just pressing right. Nothing wrong with the controls though and it is a good fun game.
Play Booty Call of Duty Booty Call of Duty Dec. 23, 2010
Game glitched out on the fourth or something level, couldn't finish the level but could drive through all the houses? Hmm, needs a lot more testing if you want more levels.
Play Bubble Factor Bubble Factor Dec. 10, 2010
Game's pretty solid, I really enjoyed it. I'd prefer to see my cursor but you've got the powerup for that. The randomness of the heads has already been mentioned. Last thing: Michael Bublé isn't my idea of an award at the end. :-/
Play Space Junk Space Junk Dec. 10, 2010
It was promising, until I realised one small error sends you back to the beginning of the game. $12 is a steep rescue bonus considering you might have spent that in the shop previously. No point saving $12 just in case either as you almost certainly need to upgrade every level. That still won't save you, the ships just come too fast. Shield didn't seem to do anything either. Terrible game, sorry.
Can't seem to turn off the music, which annoys me (unless I'm missing something). Gameplay seems good though.
Play Mars Recycler Mars Recycler Nov. 26, 2010
Bit too fast, especially with a touchpad. Could be interesting though, with a little patience.
Play Hidden Turkey-Bambi Hidden Turkey-Bambi Nov. 26, 2010
Yeah, stars? A bit lazy. Also "turkeys", not turkies. Game was a bit too easy except for one or two turkeys. Time limit seems a bit unnecessary; you're only gonna use it up by clicking randomly everywhere.
Play Tripeaks Mania 2 Tripeaks Mania 2 Nov. 26, 2010
The numbers are a little hard to see but you get used to it. It is a little too easy though, you can't really lose with the number of jokers on the board. Enjoyed it though, good little time-waster.
Play We Are The Robots We Are The Robots Nov. 25, 2010
Really attractive game and fun to play too. Not that addictive though, it was pretty easy to get a high score (even if I don't want to have to publish it to Facebook). Would have got 5/5, but the combos need some work (when the robots fall, the whole point of combos) and you can't select what robot you're controlling if there's more than one on the screen at once. Good, though.