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Play MegaDrill MegaDrill Jun. 17, 2013
Did anyone else notice the link in the Hard Badge?
Play Hedgehog Launch 2 Hedgehog Launch 2 Apr. 16, 2011
+ if you launched the hedgehog backwards because the slingshot was upsidedown
Play Treadmillasaurus Rex Treadmillasaurus Rex Feb. 24, 2011
Like the fact that the spinner just barely misses "Win the Game" every time...
Play Desert Moon Desert Moon Dec. 26, 2010
It would be nice to be able to add a gunner during the wave, because I'm often 75 recources away from the gunner i want, but i have to start the wave anyway...
Play Gravitee Wars Gravitee Wars Nov. 17, 2010
There should be a "Next Level" button instead of "Level Select"...
Play Dale & Peakot Dale & Peakot Jun. 25, 2010
Best game ever, needs achievements.
Play Great Game 1/5 Great Game 1/5 May. 16, 2010
Great Game 1/5
Play Vox Populi, Vox Dei(a werewolf thriller) Vox Populi, Vox Dei(a werewolf thriller) Feb. 14, 2010
awesome game 5/5
Play Cosmic Crush Cosmic Crush Feb. 05, 2010
awesome game.....but the levels need to take less time to complete....
Play Hands of War Hands of War Jan. 25, 2010
awesome 5/5
Play Plazma Burst: Forward to the past Plazma Burst: Forward to the past Jan. 24, 2010
fun game!! :D
Play Kongregate Chat Kongregate Chat Jan. 21, 2010
haha, first try and 99 stars